Stain Attack

When I turned on the light in the office this morning, I noticed Chloe on the floor next to my desk. She meowed a greeting. No surprise; my office is the warmest room in the house and away from the dog. I said good morning ( you would, too) and noticed something else: cat vomit. Awesome! I cleaned it up eventually, knowing Dakota would find it and schnarf it up if I didn’t.

After exercising Dakota, I ran today. That makes twice this week. I hurt my foot last week and had to wrap the poor thing and smother it in Icy Hot. At this point, I’m running for the mental health and not so much for time or distance. Though things may change.

I noticed something stuck to my running shoe before I took off. Looked like dog poop. I thought, oh, I’ll run and it’ll fall off in the fallen leaves while I’m out. I took a look upon returning and noticed it was still there, and somehow had transferred to my other leg. What?! Living with pets is awesome. Thank God for showers.

Getting dressed today, I had a plan. I was going to wear a dress. I had it all put together. Then I got up and felt like meh. I’m going in to work today, see, but nobody dresses up. Not really. And there are only like 8 people in the building anyway. Not that you dress up for other people necessarily, but you do dress up to fit the job needs, actual dress code, or the work for the day. Of which there will be me, sitting at a computer, editing documents. So…yeah. Probably a walk around the campus, if weather holds up.

Putting that idea aside for another day, I moved on to a favorite pair of pants. Got everything on and boots zipped up. Then I noticed a damp spot on the pants. I touched it. Great. Just water. Then I spotted the spot from last washing that didn’t come out of my pants. Grr! What am I, a five-year-old? Why am I still getting ridiculous stains on my clothes?! Cue outfit overhaul.

All of this competing with stains and extraneous bodily fluids got me thinking. What are we running from? What do we desperately try to hide from everyone else in order to be acceptable? Are we selfish, bitter, or angry? We may mask it with sarcasm or simply avoiding those who have offended us. Do we have hidden sin we’re afraid others might discover? Isn’t it time to come clean, friends? God knows our heart and can see it all. He still loves us! Let Jesus wash you with his forgiveness so you can extend it to others. I didn’t want to show up at work smelling foul or covered in stains, so I changed my clothes. I want my outside to reflect what’s inside. Let’s put on the new man for we are new creations in Christ. His mercy is new every morning.

Purify me from my sins, and I will be clean;
    wash me, and I will be whiter than snow.
– Psalm 51:7