Let them eat…

I’ve been thinking about cake a lot lately.  Not just because my husband and I are doing yet another weight loss challenge and  cake is definitely on the “don’t eat very often list”.  It should probably be on the “don’t eat at all!” list, but I can’t quite get there.

Last night’s sermon out of the book of John focused on how Jesus is the bread of life.  Bread was a staple of the Israelite diet.  Jesus was saying he was sustenance, and “eating” Him would fill up our deepest places.  He did not advocate cannibalism. There’s more to this, obviously, and Bible scholar I am not, but I need to explore this a bit more.

I think Jesus is better than bread.  I do love a crusty piece of bread.  Our trip to France several summers ago was heavenly for me.  Bread everywhere!  *And* cake.  The French make no apologies for their love of all things delicious.  It helps that they walk a lot.

My point is that I believe Jesus knows what we need.  Sometimes, we need the bread of His truth in our situation.  We need to know He’s taking care of it. He’s providing for us financially. We read His word and He give us a specific verse to hold onto. He’s our strength when we have none of our own.  That’s when he’s the whole grain, nutritious bread that prolongs our hope (thanks, Adam B.!).

This can be a mixture, however; our spouses are bread and cake, constantly loving us yet at times being much better than we deserve.  Our kids can sometimes be a scavenger hunt kind of blessing.  Blessing, blessing, where’s the blessing?! as we discipline, instruct and serve over and over again.

But other times, bread is not going to cut it.  You need…cake.  Cake is celebratory food. These, I believe, are times when God just blesses us because He loves us. He celebrates us, just as we are. We get over and beyond what we prayed for or even imagined. I think back to our cars we got in 2009.  I think about how until God intervened, we had no cars.  Then suddenly, we had one brand new, and one newer car, perfect for our needs.  I remember starting to run again, a race here and there, and suddenly the impetus to train for half marathons.  Falling in love with running was like the best chocolate cake, with ganache and nuts.  And at 40 years old, too.

The conclusion I’ve come to is that bread is necessary to sustain us.  We need the nutrients, the fiber, the solidity of it.  Cake is special for us and as individual as we are.  God shows us his care and His great love for us.  We can share our “cake” with others.  Ever notice we do that without even thinking?  Maybe we’re more generous than we thought.


3 thoughts on “Cake”

  1. Lol!!! Love it, Susan! You’re proof that Christian Chicks really can be funny, not to mention, in your case -quite brilliant. Thank you for not only entertaining me but giving me “cake for thought.”

    Ps- where do I get me a piece of that little beauty? Nom nom nom.


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