2011: Year in Review

The last day of December, folks!

As the last morning of December, still dark and glittering with a hard frost, has yet to dawn, I thought I’d jot down a few thoughts.  This year, on the surface, kinda sucked.  I must say it didn’t have nearly the accomplishment or “wow” factor of 2010.  But, as I started to write down the good and bad things from 2011, I discovered something.

The downers:

Jonathon’s job ended August 31.  He has yet to find a new one.  It’s been discouraging. 

I was sick for the first month of 2011 with a rotten flu and it took a long time to recover.  At one point the doctor even thought I might have T.B. Took the shine right off the new year for me.

I hurt myself  when the peak racing season was starting up so I only did a couple of races. My last half-marathon I ran in July, I did poorly, with a burst, bloody blister soaking my shoe at the end of the race. I had to cut back, strengthen my injured leg and be patient.  That was painful, and not just my leg.

I quit my job at the end of 2010 and spent most of 2011 trying to figure out what God had in mind for me to do, why I was at home.  It was a frustrating time in a long holding pattern, like the endless circling of planes trying to land at O’Hare.

My weight kept creeping up.  Eek!

But the positives!

I started writing for real.  Despite the fact that the writing class I signed up for at the community college got cancelled, I started blogging in earnest.  This, writing, is what I was meant to do.  At least, it’s one of the main things.  The funny things is that I knew it all along, since around second grade; I didn’t trust myself. Putting yourself out there and saying you’re going to do something is difficult.  You risk ridicule and failure.  But being a writer is not necessarily an occupation or something I’ll ever do for notoriety.  I do it because I *have* to.

Learning to trust the still, small voice.  For years and years and years, I’ve second-guessed myself.  I’m learning to go with my “gut”, for lack of a better term.  I think this is part of aging and knowing myself better.  I think it’s also I’ve learned to trust the Lord more.  If I mess up, I mess up.  He is faithful.  Very few things in life are pass/fail.  There’s almost always another chance.

We hosted Jonathon’s family for Christmas. Financially, it was a bit of a struggle. Jonathon’s parents helped us quite a bit, and we’re very grateful for that.  We did it because we’d committed to do it and we know God will come through.  It’s time to reconnect with the family and support each other, and get to know the new generation coming up.

I wrote and directed our church’s Christmas play, “Xpectant Xmas”.  What a thrill!  Jonathon produced it.  He finished the new special lighting project, which he’d worked on for more than a year.  He coordinated and rehearsed the band and singers, he gathered and created, or built props and staging.  This project pretty much consumed us October – December of this year.  We had a great cast and crew and would love to do it again!  But not for Easter.

I interviewed for and got one part-time job as the grant compliance person (aka document control) for the Mason County Shelter’s two new buildings they’re putting up in 2012.  I have potential for another part-time job as well.

The Great Roofing Project of 2011 is done as well!  No  more rain in our bedroom.

Ruby transitioned to kindergarten and is doing well both in English and Spanish.  She is well-loved by her teachers and fellow students.  She reads more and more words every day and is a budding artist.  Zac is in his 7th grade here and really enjoying it.  He excels at trombone and is now taking drum lessons from my brother as well. 

Last, but not least, I only gained 2 lbs. over Christmas.  Huzzah!

So you see, there are many, many good things that happened this year.  This is by no means a complete list of the good or the bad.  But I can definitely see that the good outweighs the bad, any day of the year.

What about your year?  I’d love to hear from you.

P.S.  And thank you,  for reading my blog!  I only started 2 months ago, and already you’ve generated over 1400 views.  Merci beaucoup! I look forward to writing more and hearing your comments and thoughts  in 2012.