Weekend Review

I finished the Microsoft notes.  It took about 10+ hours of editing.  It sounds like a lot, but because of church activities, I had to spread the time out over 2 days.  I ran through it one more time this morning, just a sanity check for last-minute Microsoft-specific things, like spelling out numbers 1-9 and percent, special bolding of partner comments and inserted periods.  Then, poof!  It was off. They are due tomorrow at 8 a.m. Can’t tell you how relieved I am it’s over.  It’s sorta like giving birth to a small book.  A small book with incomprehensible acronyms and some odd phrases, but still.

Friday night was tough.  I didn’t last long at the conference because I was crabby and the kids were, too.  Yesterday, I was on to sing for worship team; we were there for 4 hours.  I went reluctantly, tired and weary.  I felt my spirit inflate little by little as the Spirit moved to encourage and strengthen those receiving prophecy.  My flesh was incredibly weak.  I can testify it was truly the Lord holding me up, mentally and physically. Today, it’s been a good day.  We had church, with a lone speaker left over from the prophetic conference that just wrapped up.  Jonathon and I have participated in prophetic conferences before and gotten prophesied over a few times.  We didn’t this time.  Yet, it didn’t matter.  It’s so great to hear what God has to say over others and to sense the currents of God’s priorities in our local body.  The air in the sanctuary this morning was electric, filled with hope and possibility.  I wish every weekend could be like that.

Zac didn’t want to go this morning.  He had a tough time waking up and didn’t feel up to it.  The time change probably didn’t help, either. I wanted to say, “You don’t feel up to it?!  What about the rest of us yahoos?!” But I didn’t.  Jonathon handled it well. Zac pouted into the car and harumphed the half mile about church.

He slammed the car door in the church parking lot.

“Stop it”, I said. “You’re going to be okay”, I told him. You have to be quiet when correcting the wily Zac; yelling only awakens the beast.

“How do you know?” he retorted.

“Because I’m tired, too.  But we choose our attitudes.  We put God first and He takes care of us. This is part of becoming a grown-up and being a Christian.  You want to be a grown-up, it starts now.”

He visibly relaxed.  He knew he could do it, if he chose.  And he did.

It’s so, so easy to take the easy way out.  I’m not saying that there are never times to rest.  But we will miss the best of God. When we’re at our weakest, He’s at His strongest because we have literally nothing left to offer.  We have no glib speech or charm or sense of humor or strength.  No mental prowess.  I, in particular, have clutzy, flailing limbs (hello, sudden baptism!). No filter on our mouths!  Nothing left. But we can lean on Him and He will pull us through, multiply our time and refresh our abilities.  I need to remember this, too. The joy of the Lord is our strength.

Now, it feels like the weekend.  Too bad it’s almost over!