Brand Spanking New

Today, I get my first paycheck from the CDBG project, the new buildings Mason County Shelter is installing up on the hillside past the dirt bike shop.  I will attend another meeting with the City, the grantee of the federal funds.  I will finally have new employee orientation with my boss I’ve worked for since mid-December 2011.

It feels good.  I’ve been accruing hours since December, so it will be a nice, healthy check; nothing anemic here. I haven’t had a regular paycheck in a while.    Actually, since the very beginning of 2011, I believe.  I finished up training a gal in for the part-time church office position I vacated. She is doing swimmingly, by the way.

I love office work!  I know.  It’s nerdy.  But I’m good at it, if I am allowed to say so.  I have a head for it. I don’t like filing, though that appears to be as much a part of the job as scooping cat poop is part of owning cats.  I like being a part of something bigger than myself. There’s a great sense of accomplishment in finishing a project. I like watching the progress of a new building going up, being a part of problem-solving and keeping things moving and on task.  Am I bossy?  Perhaps.  I think it accidentally got left of the list of spiritual gifts.

I’m excited some part of my life is starting to move.  Progress!  It’s been a long time.

Other good things:

My Microsoft notes are with Microsoft now.  I got 3 days to tidy them, my boss got 3 days to tidy them (and everyone else’s notes).  They’re outta our hands…

Zac had his 2nd band concert of the year last night, and they did really well.  It’s always interesting when they perform with the 6th graders.  What a difference a year makes!  They played full-on songs, instead of 16-measure things like “Frere Jacques”.  Nothing wrong with that because you have to start somewhere, and he was doing that level of music just last year, but I’m so proud of him sticking with the trombone. He’s definitely getting a taste for concert music.  Band geeks, unite!

Ruby continues to draw and draw and draw.  She loves it and is getting quite good.  My favorite is an ink drawing of Jesus on a donkey, riding into Jerusalem for Palm Sunday.  Who’s that sitting behind him?  Ruby. Her art teacher always gives me rave reviews on Ruby’s creativity.

Jonathon is still waiting to hear about a position he interviewed for last week, and he has another interview tomorrow.

Is it spring yet?  Cause it feels like it’s almost here.