So Long

So…another first, after yesterday’s post on firsts.

Today I got laid off from my part-time bookkeeping job at Harmony Hill. I’ve never been fired and this was my first time being laid off or “let go”, ever.


I’m a bit sad, though I probably won’t show it on the outside. I guess I’m not entirely sure how to react. It’s never easy to experience the “they don’t want/need you anymore” scenario.  But in this case, it’s a money issue for the Hill. My boss there had been doing my job for several months before I came along.  After the latest budget review (and possibly my poor payroll performances?) they decided they could just have him suck it up and do my job as well as his own.

It’s a little ironic in the sense that only last week I had asked for more hours.  It seemed a bit wasteful to me to drive a half hour to work 3-4 hours and then drive the half hour home again.  Especially when gas has been hovering around $4/gallon out here in the big woods.  I contemplated moving on for that reason as well as the fact that I didn’t ever really get fully trained on this job. My boss never had time to finish it. He was too busy.

But I met some great people.  I will miss the office manager, a great gal whose office I shared on the days I worked.  She was helpful, funny and like a twin in a lot of ways.  We shared some good times.  I know I would never have figured out the combination lock to the file cabinet without her!

I am grateful for the experience. The scenery fed my soul and the drive cleared my head. I learned some new functionality in QuickBooks by doing payroll and how to get rid of bats.  But that’s another story.

As I drove in to work this morning, the sky was overcast.  It drizzled off and on.  The low-slung clouds obscured the Olympics and the fir-covered hills that slope down into the canal.  The tide was out; all was like a temporary barren wasteland, stark and ominous.  All was silent. A lone blue heron fished for his breakfast.  Now it seems a fitting goodbye.


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