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Today has been filled with last-minute things.  Packing.  Cooking.  Shopping.  Because, friends, we drive down to Portland tonight to go to the marathon after dinner tonight. Mom will watch our kids while Jonathon and I zip down I-5 and get settled in Bridgetown.

It’s two days away. Gulp.

So I alternate between feeling like this

Or  this

Only with pants on. I hope I’m not driving my family crazy.  I get these hits of adrenalin.  Then I’m very tired.  Then I’m happy.  Then I’m grumpy.  Is this “the change”, or just race jitters?  Dunno.

Talked to my dad today.  He thought I was doing some kind of running relay.  Um…no.  It’s a full marathon, the 26.2.  He gaped.  Yeah.  That’s about the size of it.

I did my last easy run today, the very last prep.  Now, the carbo loading!  It’s been a mental battle to keep positive and believe I can do it.  I have to stay there, or the race will eat me alive.

Sigh. I hate waiting.