Marathon Aftermath

I heard from someone today who has run several marathons and couldn’t finish his first one either. He had to quit at mile 18.  Huzzah!  I am not alone. His goal is to run a  marathon in every state.  Amazing.

Feeling physically a bit icky today with a low fever and low energy to match.  The nice weather and my mom’s visit really cheered me, however.  My mom told me I must be an anomaly; nobody else in the family does what I do, exercise-wise. She tried not to imply that I was some sort of freak.

The kids missed us while we were gone.  Ruby drew a darling card with notes for each of us.  She apologized to me for every bad thing she’d ever done on one side of the card.  The other side, to her daddy, she simply said she didn’t  get to see him very much. And so no apologies necessary for him.

Zac brought our luggage in and submitted to hugs from me.  He answered my questions with single-word answers, after which he slouched back to the computer.

Everyone  is doing fine as I slowly start to feel like myself again.  Really wanted to do something physical today but the ol’ bod wasn’t into it.  I feel young on the inside even if my body doesn’t agree. I’m not good at resting, but I’m learning the necessity of it.

Hope my running shoes don’t get lonely.


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