Chicken in a Biscuit

Today, I feel pretty much like me again.  I wanted to create something in the kitchen. I started to think about making dinner,  looking for a new concoction to fester brew in my recently rediscovered slow cooker, a.k.a. the crockpot. It’s like a long-lost friend! It seemed a fair tradeoff since I packed my shorts away today (sniff!).

I thought, Ah, it’s fall!  It’s cold outside and overcast.  The leaves keep drifting down and the trees change color. I turned on the fake gas fireplace. A perfect day to fire up the counter-top appliance closest to a child’s Easy Bake oven, and with infinitely more options.

I dug out the recipe book.  I found something I could fix and leave: chicken with a sort of biscuit/dumpling topping. Bliss!  Sometimes, there are multiple steps and I know me.  Something would get left out.  Like the meat.

Chicken breasts.  Check!  Broth.  Yep.  Soup or gravy mix.  Yessir. Biscuit mix.  Uh-huh.


Thawed chicken breasts?  Aren’t they perpetually frozen?  Ugh.  Microwave those puppies.

Thawed and drained frozen veggies?!  Well…that could take all night! I don’t have time for this! My family likes dinner at dinnertime, not 2 a.m.

Okay, just walk away. That’s it.  Forget it, shake it off.

Taco Bell, anyone?

Song brought to you today by the letter Z, otherwise known as Zac.


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