Thursday Tidbits

Don’t you love the word tidbit?  It just rolls off the tongue and sounds exactly like what it is.

Jonathon taught his first software class in almost  a year earlier this week for his new job with the Administrative Office of the Courts.  Said it went well and got good reviews from the class.  They’re starting to see more of his skill set in this position. That’s my guy!

Zac, after getting notified of poor grades in a few classes, opted to stay after school to take in an Algebra review session so he could retake the test he got a C on last week.  Yay!  It’s starting to sink in, this “take responsibility for your actions” deal. That, and discovering if you leave Xbox controllers out, they suddenly disappear.

Ruby is learning to pick up after herself.  Not in a grateful way, of course, but she’s starting to figure out if you put something back in the same place after you use it, you can find it again.  Generally, it will be right where you left it.  Unless it’s a Nerf dart…

I am learning to take each day as it comes.  Some day it’s a struggle to stay joyful but it’s important to choose it.  I may not be able to do it 100% but I have to try.  I remember all the people and things I’m thankful for – my husband and kids, my family and friends, my home, my church, you readers. Nobody and nothing is perfect but that doesn’t mean I should overlook what is good and wonderful. And, it’s okay to not be going, going, going all the time. It’s okay to find the rhythm in each day and work with it. I need to find the “space” in each day and embrace it. In short, all of us are growing up.

Also…Thursday is also Leftover Night. I don’t have to cook.  Talk about tidbits!


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