Stop, Thief! Update


I just got a call from the North Dakota police department.  Lieutenant somebody said they have a man in custody who has my Social Security card.  The lieutenant asked if I had a crime “occur” recently.  Why yes!  But I don’t think crimes of fashion count.  Of course, if know my blog, you know my purse was stolen in the beginning of September, early morning on the day before school started up again. My peace of mind disappeared for awhile as well.

The gentlemen in lockup has several cards of other hapless citizens.  I guess the police thought Mr. Crook didn’t look much like a Susan, after all.  He leave my lipstick behind.  I can see it now:  “Officer, the operation didn’t work!  I’ll keep taking the hormones!”

At first, I thought it was yet another solicitation call for funds.  The blind K-9s of Fargo need your support!  But then I thought, Is North Dakota’s finest that hard up that they would call someone in a remote Washington town for funds?  Nah.

I did file a police report, way back when.  The North Dakota officer wanted to know the name of the policeman who headed up the investigation.  I couldn’t remember it, nor did I keep his card.  I’m bad that way.  Anything extraneous in my life gets thrown out or recycled;  less clutter, more peace.  It’s sorta my mantra.  It sounds better in Latin:  Minus Turbamentum, Magis Pax. Hey!  I could make it a family crest!

I will admit a little curl of fear wound its way around my heart as we talked.  I wondered what was going on.  I still do.  Has Mr. Robber opened credit cards in my name?  Has he bought a condo in Miami Beach?  Is he my long-lost twin?

I had thought this seemingly minor chapter in my life was closed.  It’s with some trepidation that I await more news.  I also await some more good that will come out of this debacle.  Stay tuned, folks!