Zac the Teenager

Me as a baby (above),
Zac as a baby (below)

Today is Zac’s 13th birthday.

The picture above is from OMSI and Zac is in the space shuttle, flying the machine. He is the kid who makes you think before you speak because he will question your logic.  I know I haven’t always understood where he was coming from.  He is whip-smart, funny, kind and a geek through and through.  He loves science and math and computers and is good at all of them.  Must have gotten it from his father.

It took us awhile to get pregnant with Zac.  When we did, we knew it was God’s doing because there was no way I *should* be pregnant.  According to my ovulation chart, I never ovulated.  TMI?  Yeah.  Probably.  But that’s how he got his name:  Zacariah.  In Hebrew it means, “God remembers”.  And not just remembering as a passive act, but remembering with intention to act, like getting your spouse something for your anniversary right now.  God gave us the greatest gift:  a baby.

As a little kid, Zac was gogogo.  We went to the park sometimes twice a day.  We chased squirrels.  We walked and walked.  We investigated bugs and dead things.  We met people. We were junior scientists and explorers. I like to think some of that is in him still, watching him with his younger sister and his cousins.  He has a gift to work with little kids, teaching them, playing with them.  He is able to think on their level and care for them.

With the arrival of Zac, Jonathon and I have had to start thinking about the future, his and ours.  I freely admit I’m not much of a baby person. What do we want Zac to learn?  How do we pass on our Christian values?  Zac learns best by watching us model the qualities we want him to have.  What makes Zac tick?  How do we encourage his abilities and temper his strong will? Sometimes I feel a bit sorry for him.  We cut our parenting teeth on him and he bore the brunt of some major mistakes.  But he seems to have weathered them and he still loves us.

Example of an actual conversation with Zac:

Setting:  Driving along, listening to music.

Zac:  Mom, what are you doing?
Dancing (while driving).
  Mom.  You have one job right now:  driving. 

You can tell by this conversation that he was rapidly approaching teenhood.

We had our family birthday party for him on Saturday.  He graciously thanked everyone and even passed out hugs freely.  The seeds of maturity are starting to grow.

Now, he’s a big 8th grader.  He’s learning to be responsible for his actions.  He takes an interest in his education.  He’s got a growing interest in politics and debate. He can pretty much fix any computer problem you might have.  He is a loyal friend.  He is articulate.  I’ve been told he’s not the easiest kid to get to know, but once you’re in, you’re a lifer.

Here’s to you, Zac! So glad you’re out of diapers.  I look forward to your teenage years with great anticipation.  You are a blessing.

Happy birthday!

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