The Challenge

I realize I haven’t written much about running lately.  Truth is, all that training and then *not* finishing the marathon was very not fun.  Or not very fun.  Either/or.  Debate the grammar amongst yourselves.

I kinda got disillusioned.  Oh, I still love running.  But it was harder and harder to get up in the morning – especially with no goal attached to training.  And then Daylight Savings Time ended and it was so very dark.  Not to mention rainy.  Lots and lots of rain fell after our summer of sun and dryness.  We seemed to reach the floodwatch stage in our county in a matter of days.

I don’t like to run in the rain. I don’t like to get my feet soggy wet.  I don’t like rain dripping on my face either.  Call me a weenie.  It’s alright.

I did most of my running post-marathon on the treadmill.  It’s okay.  It’s a necessity when I have to squeeze it in before going somewhere else.  But it doesn’t help my right leg and the view doesn’t change much.

I’ve been thinking of staying way scaled back on running for the season.  I want it to get fun again.  I don’t want to push myself so hard because it’s the right thing to do.  I’m not sure when or if I’ll race again.  I don’t have it in me right now, at all.  I want to recapture that joy of running for its own sake.  Meantime, I’m going heavier on the kettlebells.  I imagine my instructor will hold me to it!

I’ve been here before.  I need to regroup and play.  I need to get sweaty for the pure exhilaration.

So, this week Runners World posted a challenge.  They want people to sign up to run at least a one mile every day between now and New Year’s Day.  Hmm…I’m thinking about it.  It sounds – dare I say it? – fun.  It sounds sorta medicinal, too, this way:  Run one mile and call me in the morning.  Could I do it every day?  Would I do it in the rain?  Would I do it on a plane?

Any new challenges in your world?  What will you tackle next?  What’s getting you excited these days?

P.S.  As the year winds down, I haven’t forgotten about my gluten-free week.  It’s coming, promise!

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