Friday Filibuster

I see our trusty mail truck tooling down our street.  I start to remember the postal service motto:  Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds, penned on the James Farley post office in New York.  Our mail carrier is very dependalbe, if a bit crochety.  I’m sure I owuld be also, given the circumstances.  Perhaps to avoid hydroplaning, his truck has an outboard motor, too?

And boy, have we had rain.  Not just watering the earth through a gentle shower.  It’s been full on, downpour, Get the ark out, Myrtle rain. So far this month, we’ve gotten over 10 inches of rain.  We’re getting close to the 50 inch mark for 2012.  And we still have another month to go!

Ruby has more homework than Zac.  She receives a packet to take home every Tuesday, to be returned by the following Monday.  Inside the folder might be anywhere from 8-10 sheets of paper, from handwriting drills (the letter “v” over and over) to pages of single-digit addition.  She’s a bit overwhelmed.  Zac has homework every night, true, but it’s usually only a handful of algebra problems, not pages and pages of stuff.  Ruby’s lament of “I already know how to do this!  Why do I have to keep doing it?” sounds very familiar.

I am starting my run-at-least-one-mile-every-day-until-New-Year’s streak.  Today was day 2.  The longer I ran this morning, the harder it rained.  And being I ran outside predawn, I kept hitting invisible puddles.  Well, not so invisible once my feet found them.  Only 40-something more days to go.  Woo hoo!

Yes, I am actively avoiding Black Friday as well as drowning.  Ever shopped at the grocery store the day before Thanksgiving? “Where’s the canned pumpkin?”  That’s about as much group panic as I can stand.  People get testy with those wheeled metal cages.  You’re not going to see the best of humanity today.  Nuh-uh.  It’s going to be ugly.  Naked greed will drive a lot of folks.  I don’t need lotion/clothes/electronics/toys enough to elbow my neighbor in the groin to get them.  Besides, I’m still figuring out what to get people. I want to enjoy that process of thinking and dreaming and getting inspired.  I might even make some gifts (not knitting).  I don’t want to rush to the checkout line like a rabid middle-aged dog.

This year, I plan to dodge feeling like the holidays are filled with obligations.  As a parent, I feel the pressure to supply “good” gifts, not sweat socks.  I feel the impetus to provide meaningful spiritual experiences for my children.  And I want to enjoy as much time as possible together as a nuclear and extended family.  But as Christmas 2012 draws every closer, I’m reminded that I’m not in control – at all.  Instead, I find it a good time to savor the season, the rituals and traditions, as well as the unexpected, that inevitably arises. I can answer questions and provided explanations. I can point the way to the birth of the Savior.  God will have to supply the meaning.


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