Gluten Free Thoughts

So I started this week-long journey Saturday night.  I ate an Amy’s gluten-free frozen cheese pizza (I cooked it first).  Jonathon, Zac and Ruby all tried it, too.  Nobody returned for seconds. I thought the sauce was quite good, with a nice consistency and blend of spices.  The crust was sort of soft but chewy like a regular crust.  The cheese was…meh.  I can’t get too excited about rectangular pieces of cheese that melt into flatter rectangular hunks of cheese.  I decided to blame that on being a frozen pizza.  I tarted it up with green olives, an Isham family favorite, which helped.  One thing’s for certain:  carb comas still happen without gluten.  Whoa.  Though they aren’t as deadly.

The cookie was okay, too.  Not enough chocolate for my taste, but it had a nice crumble to it and wasn’t too dry.  It was rather enormous but i managed to choke it down.

Yesterday for breakfast, I attempted cornmeal pancakes. I boiled some water in the microwave and poured it on the cornmeal.  I let it sit for about 7 minutes, somewhere between the 5-10 minutes the recipe suggested.  It seemed okay, but since I’d never made them before, I was only guessing.  I added vanilla, milk and oil to the batter.  The mixture was a bit runny but I went ahead anyway; I was running out of time.  I poured the batter onto the hot pan, which had been coated with canola oil.   I say attempted because my corncake left a scabby residue behind.  I actually somehow burned the first one.  The second one I didn’t have time to cook all the way through.  I scooped out the mushy concoction and dosed it with maple syrup.  Not half bad.  But the cornmeal was still a bit crunchy, like underdone rice. Might cook it more in the microwave and try again.  I pretended I was a pioneer on the Oregon Trail.  I felt connected to Laura Ingalls in some small way.

This morning I tried to make it easy on myself.  I poured a bowl of gluten-free cereal, which looked like tiny brown pebbles in my bowl.  Tasted like kibble.  Nothing a couple teaspoons of sugar couldn’t help. Hey, that was a $5 for 10 oz. box of cereal!  Ruby mixed some with her Life cereal.  Enthusiastic adventurer, she is always up for new foods.  She thought the cereal didn’t taste like anything at all.  It puzzled her.

So far, I feel like I’m vacationing at my uncle’s house or something, some relative who is more health-conscious than I am, whom I wouldn’t dare tell that his food stinks. And the best meal I’ve had, aside from the grilled cheese sandwiches I made for dinner last night, has been the salad I got from Taco Bell yesterday.  It had no tortilla chips in it, mind you.  The salad was flavorful and gluten-free, with enough left over for lunch today.

I also feel better.  I feel more awake in the morning, even before coffee. That’s good.

I’ve found some fellow bloggers who are gluten-free in a more permanent way.  One regularly posts some great baking recipes.  I’m interested to see what’s out there.  Maybe I’m more like Laura Ingalls than I thought.


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