Glutenous Minimus

My gluten-free journey continues.

Yesterday, I made myself a regular old sandwich with leftover chicken.  The doll-sized rice flour bread was okay.  It doesn’t have the mouth feel of regular bread but it isn’t awful.  In fact, it doesnt’ have much taste at all.  Which makes it a perfect canvas for whatever you throw on it, not unlike tofu.

Dinner was burritos with ground beef.  I gave the fam flour tortillas to wrap their fillings; I used a rice flour tortilla.  Ruby, ever mindful of what I’m eating, wanted one, too. I gave her a piece of mine.  The tortillas weren’t smooth.  They had bubbles in them and were rough and looked like textured wall covering.  To my hands, they felt kind of rubbery.  They soaked up some of the sauce.  As I bit and chewed, the gluten-free tortilla reminded me of the consistency of a scab.  But a tasty scab!

Best of all, I’d made a dessert.  A friend of mine on Facebook posted a gluten-free chocolate cake recipe for me to try cause he was too chicken.  I blended an entire can of black beans, eggs, sugar, butter, baking powder and soda, salt and cocoa powder in the blender.  Poured it into a pan and baked it.  Voila!  Chocolate cake.  And it was goood.  I tossed some baking chips of various kinds on top to melt while it cooled. The only drawback?  I couldn’t’ get it out of the pan.

I served everyone the cake at the table, scraping it out carefully.  It was fudgy and luscious.  The kids raved about the cake.  Zac inhaled it in 30 seconds.

“So that was gluten-free”, I stated.

“Oh”, Zac said.  He seemed nonplussed.

“Wanna know what was in it?” I asked, as he made for the kitchen, plate and fork in hand.

“Okay”, he countered.

“Black beans”.

The look on his face was priceless.

“What?!  Why didn’t you tell me what was in it?” He was not pleased. He has a visceral hatred for most vegetables.  At least he didn’t purge.  But little did he know he had about 6 extra grams of fiber and up to 10 grams of protein in that innocent slice of delicious cake.  Boo yah!

And that, friends, is the best gluten-free experience I’ve had so far.  I’ve included a link to the recipe, if you’re up for the challenge:



3 thoughts on “Glutenous Minimus”

  1. thanks for the link-back. so happy you enjoyed the cake! next time, try buttering the cake pan and then dusting it with cocoa before pouring in the batter. helps for a quick easy release! 🙂


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