Goodwill to Men


I started out the day with several friends weighing heavily on my mind.  So many prayer requests – for healing, jobs, finances, houses – sometimes all three.  It sat heavily on my shoulders.  I want everyone to be happy!  I want all the needs to be met.  As I ran today out under an overcast sky that resembled a rumpled gray bedspread, I brought these to mind and lifted them to the Father.  He has all those special people in the palm of His hand.

I went to Goodwill.  Not because it’ my spiritual hub, but I needed to do some Christmas shopping.  I also had an exchange card I needed to use.  See, the backstory is that Zac needed new pants. He’d grown again and was concerned about it.  I took him with me to Goodwill last month, hoping to find a couple of pairs that could tide him over for a while.  We found some that he liked.  As he is wont to do, he did not try the jeans on.  Did I mention they were full price, with ALL the tags still on?  Yeah.  So, not cheap, but slightly less than department store prices.  Lo and behold, we got home and he tried them on.  They did not fit, he said.  “Too baggy”.  Goodwill does not give cash refunds anymore, but exchange cards, like gift cards, only with money you already spent.  Surprise!  I should also mention at this juncture that I on Cyber Monday, I ordered the correct size and style online from the place we originally purchased said jeans. Got them in the mail last week.  This time, the texture was wrong, somewhere between a twill and a denim, a sort of striped effect.  Not cool.

“Don’t you want to keep at least one pair?” I queried hopefully. “I mean, to break up the monotony?”

“Well”, he stated matter-of-factly, “I won’t wear them.  Why keep them?”

Sigh.  Point taken.

At this point, he can 1) Go with me to the store, 2) Try on the very specific style of jean, and 3) wait until the first of the year.  But I digress.

As is usually the case, I did not find what I went in for.  But I did see a friend and she showed me her items.  Toys were 40% off.  Pink tag clothing items were 50% off.  Not that I picked any up, mind you, but if I were colorblind…Wait.  Would that work?

I found a pair of pants for Jonathon.  I found a shirt for Zac, like new.  I found a shirt for me and shoes.  Shoes!  I rarely acquire new shoes at thrift stores.  Too skeevy and I have small feet.  But I have been wanting something very specific, a shoe that when new runs around $90+.  My feet take a beating when I run and I wanted something with some support that didn’t resemble running shoes.  I wanted something with a little style.  There they were, in my size.  They’re not super flashy, but I like them.  They also make  me taller. I am reminded again that He cares about the little things.  Won’t he also much more take care of the big ones?


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