Giving Guest Blogger

You know you want it.

You know you want it.

Now for something new…a guest blogger!  My husband, Jonathon, has some thoughts to share.  Take it away, Jonathon!

Susan has asked me to be a guest blogger a number of times now, and I have finally decided to bite the bullet and take over her blog space for the day. Maybe she finally caught me in a good mood, or maybe she flashed those beautiful green eyes at me enough times, I don’t know. What I really think the reason for me finally relenting and being a guest blogger is that she caught me in a giving mood. That’s what the season is all about, anyway, right? Well…maybe not…

Remember when you were a kid and your parents would warn you that the presents this year would not be as elaborate or numerous (or whatever) as in years past? It might have only been my parents saying that, but I don’t remember a lean Christmas…ever. How about your parents telling you that Christmas is about giving more than receiving? Remember THAT one? Yeah…I didn’t believe them either when I was a kid. That phrase was always a signal to me that my present was going to *really* suck, and I had better not complain about it even if the ugly sweater was the wrong color and 2 sizes too small.  Aunt whoever hadn’t seen me in a couple years and didn’t know I had grown so much…and besides…wait for it…wait for it…”It’s better to give than receive”.

Now, since we are reminiscing about giving and receiving, do you remember ANY Christmas gifts you received last year? There are one or two that I remember, but most of what was given to me has faded from memory. Susan has a coffee cup that she loves that was given to her last year by one of her sister-in-laws. She uses it every day…unless I get to it first. I was given a tablet (computer) last year, which I use every day. My brother was given one as well, and I remember his reaction every time I use the tablet. It was a great reaction and perfect for the size of the gift. Which brings me to what I really want to say, and why Susan asked me to blog about this. As I grow older, I find  that it’s not better to give than receive this time of year, but that this time of year really has very little to do with giving or receiving. Let me explain.

I remember my tablet computer, to be sure, but what I remember about it most is my brother’s reaction to his. I don’t remember many presents I got last year, but I do remember the time spent with family. I remember that house that we stayed in on the Oregon coast. I remember cooking dinners and playing cards. I remember being close to so many loved ones. Then we came back to our house in Washington and had another Christmas party with the other side of the family.

And that, readers of my wife’s blog, is what Christmas is about, I am finding. It seems to me that the presents are an excuse to get together as families. How many presents do you remember from your childhood? A few? How many weird relatives do you remember from Christmas parties when you were little? I’ll bet you remember more weird relatives than you remember presents from your childhood, and that’s just the weird relatives. How many normal ones do you remember? So whether the presents under the tree are less or more than last year, and whether or not there is a sweater under that tree that might have fit you back in the 8th grade…Fear not! I bring you tidings of great joy! My mother was right! It’s not about the presents, anyway. I have stopped looking under the tree and started looking for those who will be around when I start distributing the presents.

I must finish here.  I have  a Christmas party to go to tonight and I have to see if I can fit into that sweater…


2 thoughts on “Giving Guest Blogger

  1. Matt says:

    Excellent blog Jonathon. So what reaction do you remember, the happy face that I can now play that game everyone was talking about with the flying birds and pigs, or the mad face that mom spent too much money on us boys, AGAIN!…


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