A Dream Fulfilled

We got a Christmas card today from a couple we haven’t heard from in years.  They moved to Walla Walla for a church plant several years ago, and we lost touch.  As I went through my address book this year, I found their address.  I thought I’d send them a card on a whim.  So glad I did.

The gal and I became friends when I worked at The Food Group and we started attending New Song, back when they were in the old Christian Scientist building with the dome.  She worked at a little restaurant in the same block called Al Forno’s, now defunct.  I remembered she had this long curtain of dark brown hair.  She sang and danced before the Lord so freely, hair swirling around her like a banner.  Her joy and love were infectious.  I frequented the little Italian restaurant and spotted her right away.  I was curious about her so I struck up an acquaintance, and we became fast friends.  Then we moved away to Reedsport so Jonathon could take his first teaching job.

If remember my timeline right, we moved back in 2001 and renewed our friendship.  She was working at Regence then, in marketing.  She helped me get a series of interviews there that didn’t pan out.  I did eventually get a job at Aspen working on contract with the Energy Trust of Oregon, promoting their Building Efficiency and Industrial Efficiency programs.  We met for lunch regularly.  She was (and is) everyone’s friend, open, authentic and kind and funny.

Then she met a great guy at a church conference and they started seeing each other.  They got engaged and I played flute (a little) at their glorious wedding.  She’s one of those people you never forget; she really “got” how much God loves us.  She gave it out freely, in overflowing buckets, to anyone she came in contact with.

They sent a picture postcard type of Christmas card to us this year.  It featured the two of them, smiling, with a little Asian girl in their midst.  Finally, after years of trying to have a child and then deciding to adopt, they got their baby.  Some of you may know this couple.  They’re great people.  They’re now pastoring the church they helped plant.

Their dream of having a child came true.  I went to her blog and saw the timeline, starting back in 2009, where they wanted to adopt a child from Nepal.  Then Nepal closed it’s adoptions program to those in the U.S.  and they turned to China.  The persistence of this couple and the joy in all the process inspired me. What am I willing to do to go after the dream God planted in my heart?  They simply didn’t give up when encountering red tape, bureaucracy and all the human obstacles that inevitably crop up.  They knew they needed to take care of orphans and continue to believe for more children of the world to grace their family.

I’m still happy about that card. Rroverbs says, “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a desire fulfilled is a tree of life.”  I’m thankful for the timely reminder of God’ goodness on the day after Christmas when the aftermath of the holiday high tide leaves one a little low.  I think, as 2012 comes to an end, I need to dust off some dreams of mine that have been moldering.  Dreams do still come true, if you keep on and keep believing.


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