True Confession

I went out for a short run today to get the blood flowing.  I have no intention of running every day again.  We did the kettlebell challenge yesterday in class, and I am stiff.  It helps to move the lactic acid through if you do something physical.

I set out on this damp, slightly foggy morning, not intending to do much.  It’s a quiet day home with the kids and I only wanted to garner a bit more energy.  I walked to the end of our very short street and started.  Uh-oh.  My left leg, which hasn’t been the same since December 31, didn’t like it one bit.  The muscles in my legs protested.  But my left leg was the loudest.  I strained it because, dear readers, I *did* do that extra 5 miles to make 900 miles for 2012.

Yep.  And now I’m paying for it.  I should have eaten the donut.

I walked a little, hoping if my legs were warmed up, I could run with a minimum of pain.  Nope.  Then I saw the middle school principal out running, too.  I’ve never seen that man without a tie on until today.  He looked free and easy, enjoying the outdoors and a little solitude.  I longed to catch up with him, to imitate his relaxed demeanor. He never saw me.  Alas, it was not to be.  I walked another block and turned home.  I felt terrible.

I don’t like being injured.  I looked up the musculature of the human body on the internet and determined it’s the iliotibial muscle on the outside of my left leg.  It hasn’t manifested as a knee problem; just a sort of hip strain.  That day I reached the 900 mile benchmark, I ran 8.5 miles.  My bad.  The good news?  My right leg doesn’t hurt anymore, after 18 months.  Yay!

I did some stretches but nothing touched it.  Then I read about using a foam roller.  Thankfully, mom gave me one a while back. It has proved invaluable for muscle aches and pains.  I rolled my leg on it and – presto! – the pain was gone, temporarily.  Finally, something that’s not drug-related!

The gold standard I keep reading about for treatment is RICE:  rest, ice, compression, elevation.  I think about other times when I’ve been injured or wounded and I just pressed on.  There’s a time for that.  Other times, we need to acknowledge the depth of our pain and get treatment.  We need to rest, maybe chill out or “ice” the injury.  The ice reduces inflammation and numbs the pain. It appears there’s another application, too.  Spiritually, it compares to not thinking about the sore anymore and trusting God to heal us, being still in His presence.  Compression speaks of binding up the area so no more jarring occurs.  I guess it could compare to searching the Scriptures for words of encouragement and faith about our situation.  Elevation lets the blood flow to the heart and reduces swelling.  This, it seems, would be praising God in all circumstances.

Today is a much-needed rest day.  I will do other things and tomorrow I will cross-train, perhaps.  I will not dwell on what I can’t do, but on the amazing things my body can do.  I will heal.  I will run again another day.  I am fearfully and wonderfully made.  I can wait in hope.


2 thoughts on “True Confession”

  1. My healing has taken a couple months. I haven’t got the gear to run outside in the cold, so I’m kind of… not at my best. My knee feels better but now it’s too chilly to be out there, running even 3 days a week.

    Best of luck.


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