Sunday Afternoon

Jonathon’s watching the Seahawks game.  Zac’s playing Minecraft online and Skyping with friends.  Ruby’s neighborhood friend is gone and she wants in on the screen time, too.  I let her borrow my phone.  But it’s not to make calls to her first grade buddies.  No.  Ruby likes using my phone to make videos.  So far, she’s made about a dozen.  Being a parent who encourages creativity, I try to go with the flow.  My phone is not the latest and greatest (read:  not an iPhone).  I’m due for an upgrade about last April. My phone is a Droid model and is so heavy it could double as a weapon.  I dropped it on our digital scale once and broke the screen.  It’s that heavy.

Most of the videos Ruby creates feature our cats.  And like real superstars, they act the part.  They groom themselves.  They meow sometimes.  Other times they glare meaningfully into the camera or run away.  Mercifully, she hasn’t covered them using the litter box. The best ones are when Rex and Chloe ignore Ruby entirely.  They are still the masters of their destinies and won’t let anyone forget it.  She’s covered our Christmas tree and our decor.  I’ve taped her hiding and popping out from behind the bed.  She’s filmed me making lunches and folding socks.  Good times!

On the video she made this afternoon, she told a knock-knock joke.  She told half the joke on the video and the other half she did live while watching the video.  She deliberately left space in the video to let the real Ruby answer.

“Knock-knock!” video Ruby says.

“Who’s there?” live Ruby asks.


“Cow who?” queries the live version.

“Cow in the chair.  Get outta there!”

Yeah.  She made it up.

Who needs siblings?  See what you’re missing?  How do you entertain yourself on Sunday afternoons?

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