Roughly Speaking

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First of all, I’m doing much better.  Thanks for those who expressed concern.  I went to the chiropractor and that helped.  I continue to cross-train.  I feel better emotionally, too.

Watched most of an old movie last night after our monthly worship team meeting. I love old movies.  It seems there is no better time capsule than watching a movie; you can get the feel of the era, fashion, mindsets, priorities, everything.  The movie was called “Roughly Speaking“, starring Rosalind Russell and Jack Carson.  Yes, it’s a black and white movie from 1945.  I love Rosalind Russell (“His Girl Friday”) and others.  I knew the banter would be stellar and the characters interesting.  Plus, I wouldn’t have to be concerned that Zac or Ruby would come down and see something inappropriate.

I originally put the movie on to kill time until Zac went to bed.  Then I couldn’t stop watching it.  I got sucked into the plot.  The main character, Louise (Russell) is a forward-thinking woman in a man’s world.  She wants to shoot for the stars but doesnt’ get far due to her lack of education and society’s constraints on women.  She marries a man who believes differently from her.  Each thinks they will change the other (sound familiar?).  A tragic thing happened to the second oldest girl when she was very young.  She became partially lame.  Louise wouldn’t let her not walk.  Louise wouldn’t let the family get depressed or spin out because of it.They end up divorced after having 4 kids, he proclaiming he’s “done” with her independent ways.

A year goes by and she meets a man at a party.  They hit it off right away.  They dance in the moonlight and fall into the pond. Within the first evening, he asks her to marry him.  Even after he meets all her kids in an impromptu appearance at the kitchen door, he wants to be with her.  He already loves her. They’re both ready to chase dreams – together.

I’ve gotten hooked on movies before.  You can ask Jonathon.  I enjoy the drama of families, good and bad.  I think there’s some real pain that nobody wants to talk about because it will make things difficult.  Nobody wants to confront the past.  This movie, though, had such a great dynamic.

The movie, which is based on a true story, depicts at least 2 dreams the newly married couple had.  Both failed, miserably.  After the first dream of having their own rose nursery died on Christmas Day after shipping 30,000 roses, they had to auction off all their possessions.  Which they did, including a pony they bought for the lame girl.  And they started over.  The family was so resilient!  They were in it together.  They joked and laughed and created some of the funniest scenes ever.  At one point the dad, Harold (Carson), decides to sell vacuum cleaners door to door. He practices on Louise and makes a huge mess replete with feathers and an exploding vacuum bag.  She threw him out.  He doesn’t do so well selling in the real Depression-era world, either, and the family subsists on onion sandwiches.  Turns out he’s a total pool shark and that’s what kept them alive in the end.

The older daughter marries a good man and has children of her own.  The two older boys went on to Yale.  All three end up fighting in World War II, but they go on.

I’m sure a certain amount of the movie is fictionalized.  I get how Hollywood takes liberties with movies.  Research the true story behind”The Vow”, for instance. Yet I loved the dreaming together and the love and laughter.  If you have those things, you may be down, but you’ll never be out.


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