Monday Murmurings

Don’t you wish you were there?

After a weekend of mind-numbing pain and a couple of separate gals praying for me, we determined the source of my leg pain is my lower back.  Even the doctor didn’t figure that out!  And I did go last Friday to try to figure out what in the world was up.  I needed to perform due diligence.  The doctor had no clue.   According to the doctor, though, it could take 6-12 weeks to get better.  Anyway, I’ve resigned myself to the fact that pain will be around until it isn’t.  Bring on the ibuprofen, stat.  My body has the ability to heal itself, given time and the right activities.   Meanwhile, I need to try to avoid impact exercises.  I’m pretty sure this includes cleaning toilets.

My plan?  Workout in a stationary manner, maybe try some biking.  I found after jumping rope that it hurt worse.  I’m going to walk more and strengthen the muscles in my body so that I’m more stable.  It’s possible I caused an imbalance by all the running I did.  Who knows for sure?  It’s time to explore some other options.  Enough complaining and whining already.  That’s me, not you.

I am doing a lot of reading.  Our local library is having an adult reading contest from now until March 15.  No, not reading adult books.  Get your mind out of the gutter!  Every time you read 5 books, you get an entry into a drawing for a new Kindle or an autographed music box.  Guess which I’m gunning for?  Hmm…tinny calliope music in a useless tschotchke or a cool new electronic toy that lets me read more books?

Because I completed the first of 3 sets of five, I also got to take a free book off the library book sale shelf.  I like free.  Score!  I’m always surprised by what’s there.  What to Expect the First Year, Beautiful Skin in 6 Weeks, all kinds of romances and mysteries…and then I found A Year in Provence.  Ahh.  That’s the ticket for a Francophile like me.  A perfect book for dreaming on a deep freeze January day.

I also decided I didn’t want to read the Bible through in a year.  I’m doing a 90 day plan.  Woo hoo!  I’ve always wanted to try it and I certainly have the time now.  Who wants to read 16 chapters a day with me?  Anyone?

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