Fashion Forward?

long sleeve chicken sweater

Cool or crazy?  You decide.

Today, friends, is January 16.  This was Martin Luther King Day in 1989.

Big whoop! you might say.

Indeed.  Any other day, I would probably agree with you.

But my back is not hurting.  In almost 2 weeks of constant pain, it’s something to be thankful for.  I am starting to feel human again, without drugs or guided meditation.

Okay.  The meditation part was a joke.

This, of course, leaves me free to consider other things.  Like…

Why do they put out pictures of outfits that look good on “everybody”?

Slouchy button down shirt and a-line skirt

This person (right) is not everybody.  I have no personal acquaintances who look like this.  Or I might have to kill them.  This is a runway model, starting height somewhere between 5’9″ and 5’10”.  She’s probably, oh, 120 lbs, tops.  She’s going to look good in a burlap sack with patches on it.  This outfit on someone like me?  Disaster.  I’m 5’1″ (ish) and you don’t need to know what I weigh.  But I look nothing like this, and I wouldn’t even after a 40-day fast.  Not sure, upon a second look, if this look doesn’t say “secretary-by-day, streetwalker-by-night”, even for this glamazon.  What I want to know is:  Are the shoes comfortable?

The truth is, we’re *not* all the same.  Each woman – or person, for that matter, needs to figure out what fits and what doesn’t.  It’s a personal quest, much like figuring out what you’re good at and what foods you like.  Once size does not fit all.  It should be fun!

Don’t even get me started on *this* outfit….

Fair Isle Kitsch Sweater

You’re probably wondering what else is on my mind.  I’ll tell you.  Zac got some perfectly wonderful new shirts for Christmas. As a bonus, they fit me too! Will he wear them, even though his old ones are getting too short?  Oh no.  He’s had the same shirts since 6th grade and he loves.every.one.of.them.  I might have to start hiding them…

Why all the preoccupation with clothes today, Susan?  Good question.  I don’t know.  Me, I’m still waiting for stirrup pants to make a comeback.  Maybe I’ll get a pony, too.


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