How He Loves

As I power through the book of Numbers, the big picture emerges.  God’s love and forgiveness extended to the Israelites in the midst of their complaining, murmuring and grumbling.  He brought them manna.  He brought them quail.  He listened to their cries about lack over and over again.  We are no different.  We doubt His goodness and mercy, every day, in big and small ways.  We gripe about the weather.  We pick on anything and everything.  Nothing and no one escape our critical eye.

Yet there is hope for us.  His love is overwhelming –  a flood, a mighty rushing wind, an all-consuming fire.   It is furious.  Somehow, if we can get our head around this truth, life would make sense. Circumstances don’t change this fact.  You might think this is too simplistic, like the children’s song “Jesus Loves Me”.  It’s not about intellectual prowess, folks.  Let His love pour down on you today. No matter what you’ve done, His love remains. No matter how others have treated you, He loves you.  He is love.


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