Peaceful Surrender

There’s a certain beauty in surrender.  You acknowledge that another person or situation is more than you can handle, and you give up.  You let it go.  You stop trying to solve it.  You run the white flag up the flagpole.

Giving up has a bad connotation, I know.  I’ve said it myself more than once.  But sometimes there’s simply nothing else you can do. The situation is beyond your ability. I’m not advocating walking away from anything, only putting it into someone else’s more capable hands.

We’ve taught our kids to ask for help when they need it. Ruby learned it the hard way. Ruby would struggle and whine and cry.  She would tug  and fuss at whatever toy it was and then throw it across the room.  Or she would break it somehow in a fit of frustrated temper.

“Ruby,” we would intone over and over.  “Ask for help.  We’re here for you.  We’re on the same side.”

She would sigh, scowling all the while.  Her pride didn’t want to admit she couldn’t fix the problem. Then she would pipe up, “Help!”

It took her a long time to admit she needed anyone’s help.  Chip off the old block, that one.

When our cars gave up the ghost in 2009, we had no options but to seek God’s provision. He provided 2 new cars for us. When Jonathon transitioned from being a public school teacher to a software trainer, his salary was halved.  Which would’ve been great if he was single and living in an apartment.  At that point, we were newly a family of four.  We said, “Uncle”.  Can’t pay everyone.  God, what to do?  We sold our house  without ever showing it and moved to Shelton.

Reading in the book of Judges now, the Israelites would get oppressed by the Philistines or some other heathen nation until they realized they were powerless. They had not driven out all those -ites, but made them their slaves.  The children of both nations intermarried and Jacob’s offspring took up idol worship. Remembering at last who they belonged to, they cried out to God.  Judges 10:15-16 says:  And the children of Israel said to the Lord, “We have sinned! Do to us whatever seems best to You; only deliver us this day, we pray.”  So they put away the foreign gods from among them and served the Lord.  And His soul could no longer endure the misery of Israel.  God raised up Jephthah, another judge, out of that humility.

Surrender is at the heart of the Christian life.  We, too, hate to admit we can’t make things right.  So…we surrender our broken down lives.  We give up our habitual patterns of doing things which yield the same results:  nothing.  We drop our filthy rags for God’s righteousness.  We accept His beauty instead of our ashes.  If we only remember who we belong to, we’ll be alright.  Surrender to a loving God who has the best in mind for us at all times is a peaceful prospect.

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