Monday Mash-Up

These were the teams, right?  Right?!
These were the teams, right? Right?!

Today, it looks like the sun’s rays just might poke out of its perpetual overcast hairnet.  Good news!  Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow this year.  According to what I read, it’s only been 10 times in recorded history that he hasn’t done so.  What does this mean?  It means, my friends, that it’s entirely possible this winter thing wont’ drag on until March 21.  We might see things start to pop out of the ground much, much sooner.  And by “pop”, I mean plants, not little green men.

More good news:  I watched very little Super Bowl yesterday.  Football and rocket science elude my intellectual grasp. Doesn’t it sound like the Super Bowl should be a huge bowl of chips or something?  Why is there no bowling involved whatsoever?  I heard the power went out during the game.  Was that to make it more interesting, a possible handicap when one team is winning too handily in the future?

Yes, I think about these things.

My job at the shelter has taken a new turn.  I am pursuing possible grant sources to fund the rest of our building project.  As you may recall, we rejected all the bids submitted back in September; they were all over our budget.  Our trusty architectural firm value-engineered the project for the twelfth time (!) and brought the cost down still further.  However, we are still short several hundreds of thousands of dollars. I have been tasked to look for other sources of money to get the project built already.  Wish me luck!

We had a very expensive Saturday.  Our oven died.  The light was on, but nobody was home. Food was just above lukewarm.  Not good.  Jonathon discerned it was a faulty igniter.  He bought and installed a new one so we could continue to leave cooking over open flames till summertime.  Then, his cell phone stopped charging.  It was the port where you plug in the battery.  I find it ironic that, despite all the times we drop our phones, possibly causing  phone brain damage, nobody can insert a wee set of pliers into that cavity to tweak the connection for the battery.

I think it’s a conspiracy.  Jonathon wasn’t complaining about getting a new phone; he loves him a new gadget.  This is his 3rd Incredible in less than 3 years.  I am thinking it needs to be renamed “Average” or “Just Ok”.

As I finish a second cup of coffee, I am grateful.  We had money to cover the emergencies. I have work at home and work outside the home to keep me busy.  All I need is a big bowl of chips.


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