Shorty in the Store

I went clothes shopping today.  Well, technically, I didn’t plan on it.  I had one certain item I was looking for. You don’t need to know what it was!  But, as for me and my house, we like clothes.

I was at J.C. Penney’s, for clarification purposes.

In times past, years and years, I could always find something that fit and something I really liked here.  Jeans, shirts, dresses, sometimes even shoes made it home with me.  I was a happy camper.  Mom and I spent many joyful hours perusing the racks.

As of this winter…no more.  They’ve revamped the entire store.  It’s all grouped by designer now, not sizes.  So you must tromp around and look at Liz Claiborne petites, Alfred Dunner petites (eek!), and on and on.  I don’t know if anyone else of a normal sizes likes this setup or not, but I sure don’t.

I mentioned in another post about trying on pink skinny jeans.  Yeah.  You know how well that went.  And now, dear readers, the petites section has dwindled even more.  The clothes are either elastic-waist, frumpy goodness, career wear or teeny-bopper stuff.  What about us, ahem, middle-aged gals?  I am solidly in the petites section, being 5’1″(ish).  I can’t wear regular jeans at all.  The denim puddles on the floor. Shirt sleeves hang down past my hands.  I look like   a kid stumbling around in mommy’s closet.

On the other hand, their exercise gear section has exploded!  I can find clothes here, but I don’t fancy walking around in spandex all day.  I think most of you would appreciate it if I didn’t.

Where are the clothes for women?  I don’t want to take my business elsewhere, but I guess I will have to.  I’m not ready to be a grandma (thank you, God!) and I have no desire to regress to teenager.  I love career wear but have no need at this point in time for suits or more dress pants.

Will somebody please, please create a good petite line of clothing and make it affordable and accessible to those of us in semi-rural areas?  We like to wear things besides camouflage and cut-offs. Thank you for your support.


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