It was an early release day. That means three extra hours of freedom for the schoolchildren in our district.  Both kids are home.  Zac is on the computer.  His visiting neighbor friend is on the x-box.  They’re playing the same game, chatting across their made-up worlds.  Zac, the known master of the game, offers help to his friend now and then.  They discuss strategy and school.

The girls are outside – Ruby and her friend.  They’re making a bird bath.  I hear their voices, bossing each other and laughing.  They pretend all kinds of games, with princesses and babies and animals.  They dig in the dirt, making tunnels or possibly mock graves.  I can’t quite make out the stories, only the joyful treble voices.

Sometimes, the best days have no plans in them.  I’ve gotten all my work done so I could enjoy the kids and just be available.  Miraculously, they’ve found their own entertainment.

Today, the clouds parted.  Lo, the sun appeared.  The temperature soared into the 50s.  It’s a beautiful day.

But it wasn’t on the schedule.  I find myself lazing in a chair by the window, looking outside every few minutes.  It’s like I’ve somehow gotten ensconced inside a bright blue Easter egg.  It’s Susan through the Looking Glass or somesuch. If so, I never want to leave.  Especially if there’s chocolate in here somewhere.

I look at a glossy magazine, reading the stories or not.  Rex lounges in a blue wing chair next to me, dozing and stretching. Occasionally, he peers at me out of one golden eye.  He’s making sure I’m behaving. I am his meal ticket, after all.  Chloe, no dummy, is hiding someplace where the girls can’t find her

I had anticipated a long afternoon of dress-up (girls) and video games (boys), filled with a bit of quarreling due to staying indoors due to the weather.  Instead, I’ve found a feast for the eyes, both indoors and out.  Bliss.


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