Fun With Fitness

I taught kettlebells again today. Our fearless leader is in Hawaii until the middle of next week.  Hence, she was not there to witness how it went.  Bwahaha!  The class, a.k.a my guinea pigs, was real quiet again.  Can’t figure out if it’s because I’m not loud enough or because my workouts are too hard.  We only made it through two and a half of the four circuits I planned.  Someone did accuse me of being tougher than the regular instructor.  Oops.

I try to find something to refuel with after the workouts.  I could eat something normal, but where’s the fun in that?  I’ve tried protein powder.  I liked it okay, in water, though it left a thin film on my teeth.  Unfortunately, I ran out if it and it’s been discontinued.  Protein bars make my stomach seasick.  I passed them – the bars, not the queasy feeling – on to Jonathon.  He does fine with them.  Upon a recommendation, I tried muscle milk.  It looked just like a little four-pack of regular milk only it contains no dairy. It’s so cute!  It’s *not* milk from muscles.  Thank goodness for that.  Some things simply should not be.  It’s packed with protein, which apparently rests on the bottom of the carton cause you have to shake it up before you drink it.  It tasted like chocolate-covered chemicals, but in a good way.  I’m checking my biceps now to see if they look more defined.

Which begs the question:  why are so many fitness truths counter-intuitive?  Why does drinking the proverbial 8 glass of  water help you lose weight?  Shouldn’t it make you heavier and denser (physically)?  Shouldn’t eating more of anything make you plump up, especially salad?  It has to go somewhere.  What if salad really does make our butts look big?  And why, oh why, do we need to get our heart rates up?  Don’t they work just fine without us cracking the whip over them?  I’m thinking naps need to be on everyone’s “to do” list on a regular basis. Nap mats optional.

Don’t get me wrong; I like working out.  I need the physical activity pretty much daily.  It keeps me sane.  Sometimes, though, I wonder if I will get cornered and questioned about the things I believe about fitness.  Kinda like the opposite the Fitness Police.  Perhaps call them the Inactivity Inquisition-ers.  “Does that apple fritter count as a serving of fruit?  Why not?  Apples are good for you.”  Stuff like that.

I need to get out more.


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