Beautiful Creatures

Today I taught my last kettlebells class.  Our trainer is back from Hawaii.  She will resume teaching on Friday.

It’s a little bittersweet.  I mean, I finally figured out how to work the stereo.

I enjoyed it, I stressed about it, and I hurt myself.  Twice.  But I think it was worth it. I am honored to have had the opportunity to encourage people on this journey to fitness.

As I looked around the class today, everyone was at a different fitness level.  There were men and women of different ages.  Nobody looked like anyone else.  Everyone had unique strengths and weaknesses.  But they all stayed.  They worked the entire class, slowing down at certain points if necessary (jump squats and get-ups caught most off-guard), but they didn’t quit.

I told them they were all amazing and how we’d seen kids in their 20s stand up and stalk out of class, defeated.  Several of us have invited friends and family to class.  Most of them almost threw up and had to stop. They simply couldn’t finish.  The class was too stinking hard.  It also requires a certain amount of coordination to master the compound movements.  But these folks, the regulars, they have staying power.  They are overcomers.  I wanted them to know that they were exceptional, even if they thought of themselves as out of shape and possibly unattractive, too old or anything else exclusionary.  They should be proud of themselves for coming back, class after class, and working hard.  It’s like putting money in your health-bank.

I recently received an iPad.  It’s not my birthday, nor is it Christmas.  This person just had an extra one and out of the generosity of their heart said, “Hey, do you have one of these?  No?  Okay.  Now you do.”  It blessed me.  I really have no idea what it can do.  I managed to create an Apple id and download a free Agatha Christie novel.  That’s about it.  But the capabilities residing in that gadget between my hot little hands gets me excited.  Zac is thrilled…and a little jealous.  He gets around on it like a pro, since he already has an iPod and an iPhone.  Just out of curiosity, why not an iPud?  Or an iPed?  Maybe a Mac-compatible pedometer.  We shouldn’t leave any vowels behind.

Back to class.  I know people join a gym to get in shape and lose weight.  It certainly was my motivation.  But we simply can’t forget all the things our bodies can do.  We have been gifted a phenomenal piece of equipment.  What can it do?  It heals itself!  How far can we push ourselves? What are we capable of as we capitalize on our strengths?  We have no idea how strong we truly are until we try to go somewhere we haven’t been before. Yes, lose weight.  Eat thoughtfully – so you feel better and improve your mood and mindset as well as your health.  And yet, don’t lose sight of the beautiful creation that you are.

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