Thursday Thoughts

So, just a hodge podge of things in my head today…

First, the shelter got approved to get their last bit of funding.  The draws and specs go out to bid – again- the end of this month.  The (very aggressive) timeline is:  bids due back mid-April, general contractor signed on by end of April, shovels in the ground by the beginning of May.  Whew!  Let’s hope it works this time.  I may have a real job yet!

I ran today for the first time this week.  I was too wiped out from lack of sleep earlier in the week.  After a bit of slow going, I felt like I was flying.  It was fun! Wow, I didn’t expect that, but it sure was welcome.

Note to Sheltonians:  yes, the weather is a bit warmer – 45-50 degrees each day.  It’s humid.  It’s still raining/drooling, in point of fact. It’s not flip flop weather.  Glad to see you have all your toes, however.  One does wonder.

Our neighbors on the corner got broken into during the daytime.  The dad came over to ask me if I saw anything.  Very sad.  Nope.  It was pouring down rain all day.  People must’ve been desperate.  They stole cash and pain medications but not the brand new TV. I’m a rotten busybody.  Should have been peeping out my window instead of doing things like paying bills.  Folks who think small towns are enclaves of honesty and upright behavior – take note.

I had coffee with my dad today.  Very enlightening.  He’s still one of the most persistent people I know, especially when it comes to seeking God.  Because of his honesty about his own struggles, it encourages me to keep on when things get rough.

Rex left a mouse head near the back steps.  Presumably, the remains of the mouse made it into his belly.  Saved the best for us, I guess.

Ruby is sleeping through the night again.  So are Mom and Dad.

This weekend, we celebrate the birthdays of my mom, Jonathon and my stepmom. And happy Pi day!  Laissez les bon temps rouler!


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