Silent Visitor

Sunday afternoon, I tried to go for a walk. I say “tried” because the weather was unpredictable.  It was nearly spring.  Sunlight poured down through breaks in the clouds.  Then, a deluge of rain.  Then sun and rain.  The wind, icy cold, winter’s last breath, lashed the trees.  I would no sooner step outside and the heavens would open and drench me.

I bided my time.

At last, the skies cleared briefly.  As I stepped outside, movement caught my eye.  A deer! Standing on our hillside in the side yard!  It was no more than 30 feet away.  I could not believe it.  I snapped a couple of so-so pictures.  Then another one came over the ridge, darker than the first.  Wow!  Two does, I believe, since I saw no horns and they were full grown. They were gnoshing the vines and grasses on the sides of the hill.  I’d seen deer in the garden side of our yard, but not this side.  They walked right through Ruby’s fort, past her chair and desk and everything.  Amazing.

Just as silently and quickly as they had come, picking their way carefully in the mud and brush, they were gone.  I was breathless.  I’m still a city girl at heart.  I’ve seen several deer since we moved here but none so close and nonchalant.  Almost made me wish I had a rifle…But I couldn’t shoot Bambi.  Or his mother. And miraculously, the weather cleared enough for me to walk.  I was blown away by creation yet again.


(It’s in the right-hand corner, almost out of the shot.)


(Pay no attention to that wrinkly blue mass at the bottom of the hill.  It’s not a deer.)

I think the Holy Spirit operates like this.  Sometimes, His presence is so very tangible.  You can sense Him in the room immediately as you walk in.  Something you were meant to do your entire life opens up before you like a great gift, waiting for you to unwrap it.  You’re almost knocked out by the anointing, it’s so thick.  You see His hand guiding  your life and the lives of those close to you, especially in areas that show favor.  But other times…He cannot be sensed at all.  It’s a slow slog as you continue up, up, up on your life pilgrimage.  Then suddenly, something happens to lead you to a different answer than you would have ever come up with on your own, and it all just fits.  Someone comes to you and apologizes for something they did, years ago.  You forgave them so long ago you’d completely forgotten. It’s like the Holy Spirit wanted to drop you a little note.  “Hey, Susan!  I’m thinking about you.  I care about you and all the aspects of your life.  I will continue to direct you into the Father’s will.  Don’t despair!”  He comes with silent tread to interrupt your regularly scheduled life and bring on wonder.


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