Children’s Day

Ruby got to school late.  We had yet another doctor’s appointment to meet with the ENT to decide, yes, she would need an operation to put tubes in her ears.  Met with the surgeon.  He removed a miniscule amount of wax from her ears to confirm the fluid in there.  I had a very distinct deja-vu feeling.  We did this before, right?  At least we didn’t have to endure another hearing test.  And does nobody read the charts?!  I had to recount everything to the nurse.

“Why are you here?” she asked.


I wondered that myself.

Today, at Ruby’s school, it was Le Dios de Los Ninos.  Children’s Day.  And I’m sure I butchered that Spanish.  Can’t I just say it in French?!  I suppose that defeats the purpose.  Every April 30, contrary to Wikipedianism, it’s Children’s Day at Evergreen. It has nothing to do with children working long hours getting guaranteed an education.  I thought it was an Hispanic holiday.  Now I’m not so sure.

All day, they celebrated children.  It seems appropriate for an elementary school.  Streamers line the hallways. Parents are allowed to come and go.  I heard rumors of cupcakes and pinatas.  Oh, and outdoor games.

I told Ruby I would drop by in the afternoon.  I went to her classroom where they were starting to work on a craft.  The teacher barely noticed me, frazzled by glitter duty.  The kids sat, talking amongst themselves, at their tables.  They were supposed to write a wish on a cutout of a star or a chili pepper.  Guess whose this is?

When you wish upon a chili...
When you wish upon a chili…

Other kids were writing things like “I want to be a ballerina” or “I want to be a policeman”, phonetically.  The teacher had me work with that boy, a non-native English speaker.  The whole “i” in Spanish sounding like an “e” threw him.  Good thing he read it to me.

“Ruby,” I said to her, “I thought you wanted to be an artist.”

“I do!” she said with a smile.  “I am going to be an artist.”

Then I told her she already was.  She smiled a Cheshire cat smile.

So why wish for it?  Why indeed.  Wish for something more important, like dogs.