As You Were

eye makeup

All of us here in our house are very tired from yesterday’s Easter program. It went well and I think it was the best we’d ever sounded.  For a small church, we have a lot of talented folks.  Ruby was part of the kids group, in the first and nearly last song.  She stayed up pretty late attending rehearsals with us.  Not sure exactly why Zac is tired other than out of sympathy, but both kids are still in their jammies.

As a result, I only have random thoughts for you today.

I put my eyeshadow on wrong.  You know (ladies!) how you get three in a pack. And why three?  Why not five, or seven, or eight?  Eh.  I guess the eyelid is a small piece of real state on a woman’s face.  So, I put the “highlighter” on my eyelid instead of the crease.  Take that, makeup industry!  Right in the kisser.  Otherwise, the eye makeup never gets used up.  You throw it away because the base color is gone, yet you have almost all of that other bizarre color (puce) left over.  Hey!  I guess there’s a method to the madness.

Told you I was tired.

I am going to toss out the women’s magazine I was saving.  Somehow, the demographic has shifted to 20-somethings.  It’s all “how to dress in this trend” and “what if you tweet something mean about your boss”.  Meh.  The clothing trends are a bit scary.  Nobody should wear that many patterns together on purpose.  And I don’t really care that the “it” color in nail polish is gray.  Don’t even get me started on the sex tips.  Ugh.

You want to know the reason I was keeping it?  Alright.  I’ll tell you.  Gwyneth Paltrow’s trainer, Tracy Anderson, had a workout in it.  Tracy Anderson looks like what *I* could look like if I gave up red meat, dairy, sugar, caffeine and air.  Amazing. Yeah.  I had a crazy moment. And the workout is with a broomstick, sans broom head.  She’s posing, all sweaty and purposeful, with a polished stick.  Pretty sure I lack the coordination or the ability to keep from laughing my head off to even complete the workout.  I’ll stay with swinging weights that look like black kettles with handles and leave the ridiculous factor to others.

Now, back to your regular life.  I’ll do laundry and keep Rex from making a warm,  permanent nest in it.  How are you spending this Monday?


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