Running Thoughts

One of my blogging buddies, thedancingrunner, wrote down what she thinks about when she runs.  Here’s what I thought about:

Man, I’m tired.  Wonder how far I can go today?  Is three miles possible?  Note to self:  less jellybeans.

The air smells amazing today.

Is it going to rain?  Please, God, let it hold off a bit more.  Think about the hair.

The apple tree is in bloom!  How lovely.

No hills today.  Nope.  Not gonna happen.

Does the garbage truck know they’re leaving small, disgusting deposits in their wake?

There’s the creek again.  Wouldn’t it be cool if that creek were like the Holy Spirit, running through this town, healing and making people whole?  Revival.  Restoration.  Bring it!

Wonder if anyone will come in under budget on the shelter buildings.

It’s so quiet since school is out this week.  Not as many cars around.

Ooh! More flowers.

There’s a black and white tailless cat! (Squirrel!)

What purpose do barking dogs who are chained up serve?  Yes, you see me.  Thanks for barking.  Your eyes work perfectly.

The track at Loop Field is dry.  Let’s have a lap!

I need to pray for Ruby’s school and teachers more.  (And I did).

I smell donuts!  Evil, evil…

Only 10 more minutes to go.

What should my next story be about?

At least my pants aren’t falling down.

Ruby was listening to Darrell Evans on my mp3 player.  Hmm.  I haven’t listened to him in awhile…

Glorious!  Thank you, God, for my life.  You are so good to me.

Maybe a couple of little hills…

Ruby and Alyssa’s dandelion pile is now a stew.  Gross!




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