Weekend Wrap-Up

Stem Cells

Just a few quick things today…

The retreat was great.  I am so glad I went. Lots of healing for lots of folks.  I realized as I went that I was ready to help and I got to do some of that.  So I got to hear great testimonies and teaching and pray for people.  Kind of a nice mix.

I got up and ran the morning we were there.  I saw the sun rise behind the lake.  The air was cool and refreshing.  I was the only person outside that time of day.  It felt like I owned the world.  Oh, and I saw a cat.  But he didn’t own anything.

I finished my 90-day Bible reading plan on Thursday.  Somehow, with the trippy YouVersion settings, I got done early.  Whatever.  I enjoyed it for the most part, but some books I would have liked to savor a little longer, like John.  Not Leviticus.

The sun is out.  It is not warm.  No, not shorts weather by a long shot, despite a pair I saw a gal wearing when the temp was still down in the 30s.  But plants are in bloom and it is dry.

My hands are healed up from my kettlebells debacle. No more stigmata! I have new pink skin growing in.  I can make a fist.  Look out!

Yesterday, right before Ruby and I had to leave for church, Chloe brought a live mouse in the house.  She chased it all over the living room.  Ruby did too, wanting to catch it in a dustpan, her shiny blue taffeta dress swirling about her feet.  She kept asking, “Can I pick it up by the tail?”  I kept telling her no.  The mouse would bite her.  It was running for its life.  Chloe just wanted to play with it.  She cornered it several times and the mouse always eluded her.  Finally, I was able to drag Ruby away, disappointment in her demeanor.  As we were leaving, Rex ran in the house, attuned to the fact he was missing the action.

The mouse remains at large.  We have found no evidence of its body, no smeared blood or leftover mini organs.  The mouse won.

This, combined with the spring, reminds me that life goes on.  Painful experiences come and go.  We can learn.  We can forgive. We can change. We can get away, if need be, and start again.


2 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up”

  1. That photo of the mouse is exceptional, I have downloaded it for my private library of beautiful creatures. I cannot tell you how happy I am that this particular mouse may have gotten away. The mouse is exceptionally well bred, unless this is not the mouse you speak about. In that case, let Chloe do her thing! I have had a very good time reading your various updates. O – I had the very same problem with my ears as a child, in fact I was so deaf, I was reading lips before anybody knew I was deaf. Today I am happy to report that all is well.So, you too had this problem. yes? Just between you and me, they say that only geniuses have had this dilemma. Good for us!


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