Blue Skies

blue sky

I am imbibing  my second iced coffee of 2013.  Yay!   I opened both doors downstairs and  windows upstairs.  It’s *that* nice outside.  “Let the sun-shine in, let the sun-shine in…”.  From “Hair”.  Anyone recognize it?  No?  Eh.  Not the best musical and certainly one of the most offensive as far as song content goes.  Incidentally, my hair resembles driftwood today.  Highlighted driftwood, but still.  Sigh.

It is so very wonderful to have clear skies.  I feel a little crazy…

I am not a huge fan of REO Speedwagon.  In fact, their use of dipthongs and hard “r” sounds make me a little ill.  At least they can make fun of themselves.  Lord knows I do.  Incidentally, did the lead singer get a crick in his neck from having to stretch *up* to sing into the mic?  Just curious.

Maybe this song will be more to your liking.  This is one of my favorite movie scenes.

I never wanted to be a ballerina as a kid but this movie made me reconsider.

Why does sunshine make everything better?  Is it just the chemical boost of Vitamin D?  Is it that it’s golden, a coveted color, and it means we’ll see at least some blue sky, blue being a color most people find soothing and inviting?  How many songs have the words “blue skies” in them?  I can think of at least three right now.

Blue skies make us feel like everything is alright.  Sure, we have problems.  Yet give us a beautiful day and all those difficulties seem to fade into the background for a time.  We anticipate summer, and shorts and adventures and fun times ahead.  We start to dream a little.  It seems anything is possible while the sun smiles down on us.  We feel buoyant and optimistic.

I realize how fleeting this sunny weather is.  So, for today, despite a series of emotionally draining experiences, I am grateful. I am looking up, literally and figuratively.


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