Recently, Beyonce has been in the news.  Shocker!  Not because of her antics or anything.  Well, maybe a little.  She has banned photographers from attending her concerts while she’s on her Mrs. Carter tour.  Beyonce hired one approved company to take her pictures, thank you; no one else need apply.  She doesn’t want any “unflattering” images of herself on public display.  She has asked certain websites to “respectfully” remove the offensive poses.

beyonce ugly face

I get that.  What girl wants ugly pictures of themselves posted up everywhere?  I hate how I photograph.  There have only been around 6 pictures taken of me my entire life that are tolerable.  Most of those are from babyhood to little girl, with a few from our wedding.  I find as women, we are exceptionally hard on our appearance.  Of course, if you looked like a troll doll during puberty, your self-criticism may be justified.

Jonathon and I talked  about Beyonce’s decision at length last night.  I found it fascinating.  So many of the comments exclaim over her vanity. They slam her for wanting to look good all the time.  She comes across as exceptionally insecure, despite being a glamorous megastar. I mean, you’re the most beautiful woman in the world!  Can you stand a little negative press?  Can you laugh at yourself and lighten up?  Maybe the real issue is that you make these ridiculous faces.  If they weren’t there, nobody would be able to capture them, right?

Jonathon believes if paparazzi and others are profiting from her images, she should control those images.  She’s the commodity and she can choose how she’s marketed.  If not for her, no profit.  I agree in part.  But once you become a “commodity”, all bets are off.  Your life outside your house – and sometimes even inside – is no longer your own.  Privacy is coveted, yet not guaranteed.

Besides, everyone has a camera on their phone.  Banning professional photographers from your venue will not keep others from recording and posting videos and snapshots of your performance.  It’s human nature, now.  And too tempting not to, in light of Beyonce’s ban.

I think the real issue is perception.  Beyonce is beautiful and wants to be perceived that way by the general public.  We all want to be perceived in the best possible light, thought of in the most flattering terms, given a boatload of grace.  I find that we can’t choose how others think of us. Circumstances conspire against us. People will believe what they want to.  See, they have their own biases.  We don’t even get to defend ourselves to rectify an incorrect conclusion because most of the time we don’t even know what folks think.  All we can do is hope that over time the truth – our true colors of our words and actions – will be revealed.

beyonce pretty


3 thoughts on “Perception”

  1. Three thoughts — First… I thought I’d posted this comment awhile ago. I must have been out of my mind or something because I went back, and behold! no comment…

    Second… One of my first “Internet controversy” experiences was learning about Yoko Ono trademarking the her deceased husband John Lennon, and, in the early 1990s, despotically shutting down web-based fanpages that featured (1) his name or (2) his likeness. At the time I thought she was a despiciable jaded cashmongering Beatles-ruiner. I was right, of course. But it’s not just a new phenomenon, and Beyonce certainly isn’t the first one to do this.

    Third, She’s in the media spotlight 24/7… She’s bound to have a bad picture taken of her occasionally. I think trying to control her image makes her sound like a diva, but … hey… aren’t we all? would you like a picture like that of *yourself* circulating on the internet, if you could at all control it? I know *I* certainly would… but you probably wouldn’t 😉

    That’s all… Sorry I didn’t post this a few days ago.



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