Catch a Grenade

This post brought to you today by Zac, resident boy wonder.

So, as you know, Jonathon and I watch The Voice.  We really enjoy the journey each singer goes on as they compete for a recording contract.  Some have been singing their whole lives.  Some just picked it up a few years ago.  All of them have decided it’s time to go for their dream.  That, to me, is inspiring.  Haven’t done that very often and when I have it hasn’t been so pretty.  But I wish them well.

That being said, there are certain songs that seem to capture the public – and the Voice coaches’ – imagination.  They get sung.  Currently, there’s a gal named Michelle on the show who sang a version of this song.

I like Bruno Mars.  He seems to be one of the contemporary kings of romantic songs, as opposed to the omnipresent “let’s get it on” songs.  It was in my head the other morning during breakfast, so I started warbling it.

Zac, arbiter of all things proper, was not amused.

“Don’t sing that!” he hissed, embarrassment all over his face.  Mom, you’re so uncool!

Then he went on to explain why the song was stupid.

“I mean, you can only do that once.  It’s dumb.  It will explode in your hands.  If you catch a grenade, you’re dead.  The song is meaningless because that would be the end of your love.  Why even do it?”

Observant, my boy.  Keep in mind he’s 13 and hasn’t been bitten by his first real love yet.

We had an interesting discussion about it.

I postulated that nobody knows how they will react in a life-and-death situation. You simply can’t predict if you will be in fight or flight mode.  Sure, if you have military training, you might be able to withstand the threat of imminent death.  People crazy in love will do crazy things, though.  Be assured of that.

Here’s another

It’s a passionate, crazy love Mr. Mars and Mr. Adams are talking about.  Oodles of songs over the centuries cover this topic, from the earliest minstrels.  They make women swoon.  Generally.  Not me, necessarily, but other women.  I’m not a teenager. I have a different view of love at this point in life.  I think those songs speak to protection and security, qualities women desire in a male counterpart.  I’m not overly concerned about Jonathon taking a grenade for me. I think he would do it, though; he’s that kind of man. I hope to never be in a position where an enemy of mine even *thinks* about grenades, let alone throws them.  And swords?  Uh-uh.  But water balloons?  Bring it!

I guess for me, the song might go, “I would catch up on iron-ing for ya…I would clean out the cat box for ya….I would pick up the kids for ya…” Not as lyrical, I suppose, but romantic to me.

And yet, this crazy, passionate love is how God feels about us.  We are the “apple of His eye”.  He made us.  He sent His son to die for us.  Jesus took a big risk, going to the cross.  Rejection.  Abandonment.  Ridicule.  Being misunderstood, even hatred.  He prayed three times for the cup of death to be taken from Him.

He took the grenade for us.