God in a Box

He's not a tame lion.
He’s not a tame lion.

I recently read a thought-provoking blog from someone I went to college with.  You can read it here.  I’ve been turning this concept over and over in my head lately.  What if we have it all wrong?

Now, I don’t think this a midlife crisis, though the older I get, calling myself a “midlifer” shows I expect to live a very long time!  Hear me out.

We are exhorted to get into the Word.  Read the Bible.  Read it through in a year.  Read it in 30 days.  Read it 7 days!  Eek.  Not sure I could do that.  Would I get bathroom breaks?  The point is that everything we will ever need to know about God is in there.  Or is it?

If it is, why live out our lives at all?  Why not cloister ourselves away like monks and nuns?  Why have zippers?  Seriously. I believe in the inerrant nature of scripture.  I read the Bible daily.  But what about the things the Bible doesn’t address?  We must use our best judgment and pray about things.  And, this is important, realize there is room for different opinions.  Nobody has it all locked up.  Not me. Not you.  Not that nut on TV who needs money for a new satellite.

Long ago, Jonathon and I assisted some friends of ours while they were junior high pastors.  Were we good at this?  Sadly, no.  We lasted a year, us newlyweds. We led worship, most of the time acapella, me pitching the songs and the kids standing there like upright corpses.  Arms crossed on their chests, they glared at us like the incredible losers we were.  It was a pretty thankless season.

The highlight of that time was a junior high youth rally at George Fox.  We drove over to Newberg and spent most of the night up.  We did things like relays.  We ate junk and went to a concert.  I think there was even some licking peanut butter off of toes.  Don’t quote me on that.  This will date me, but rap was just gaining popularity. Not in my *so* much older peer group (I was 22), but in the younger, hipper crowd.  And we heard a Christian group called, if memory serves,  JC Crew.  They rapped. My husband and I, newly sprung from college where we majored in music, were squirmy and skeptical.  God can’t minister through this. It’s so ridiculous. Can He?

But He did.  Kids swarmed the altar, crying their eyes out, ready to commit their lives to Christ.  We were flummoxed.  Lives were changed by people talking to a beat.  Young hearts were convicted.  It was attitude poetry with a drum track.  We didn’t have all the answers. Go figure.

Over time, this lesson has been beaten into my head over and over.  I parent one way; others parent another.  I have worked full-time.  Other families don’t cotton to women working outside the home.  Our kids are in public school.  Your kids may be homeschooled.  All of these have a place in the world.  Nobody has it buttoned up and solved.  The minute you think you do, it will come crashing down.  This includes how you think God “works”.

This is a great adventure we’re on.  Let’s get the most out of it, even it means falling forward. Let’s have a bit of grace.   Old dogs can pick up new tricks.  Generally, I don’t like falling.  I bruise easily.  Yet if it moves me forward, maybe I can learn something.  I keep coming back to Romans 8:28.

But if it doesn’t fall apart on you, call me.  I want in.


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