Ears to Hear

Now you know.

Now you know.

How much inspiration resides in a chocolate syrup-laced cup of afternoon coffee?  Let’s see…

We took Ruby in to have her ear surgery today.  She was pretty scared about it.  Everything about it was scary to her – the thought of going to a dreamless sleep, the incisions in her ears to insert the tubes, not knowing exactly what to expect.  We talked at length about all of it.

The surgery center staff were amazing.  I was so grateful for their empathy, patience and professionalism.  They performed only ear tube surgeries on this particular day of the week.  The youngest patients, some as young as 18 months old, were scheduled the earliest.  I know because I struck up conversations with other moms in the waiting room.  Moms love to talk about their offspring, and as such, they are great sources of information. In times like these, the “mamraderie” is most excellent.

Back in the staging area, red wagons ferried the tiny patients to their operating rooms.  Goofy nurses and anesthesiologists talked about the side effects of giggle juice as they ascertained weight, height and blood pressure.  Each child was promised a Popsicle after the procedure.  The surgery itself took 15 minutes.  They were cranking them out right and left.  Of course, the first hour plus for us was waiting around.

Between the paperwork and prep, we ended up being at the surgery center for 2 hours. Ruby took a little while to come out of the sedation, resembling a floppy rag doll.  She’s so flexible she could fold completely in half on the gurney.  She kept asking, “Did they do the surgery yet?  Are there pipes in my ears?”  She came through just fine with minimal ear pain.  In fact, her hearing is so much improved, everything sounds too loud for her!  She kept having me turn the car radio down on the way home.  Finally, I turned it off.

“Everyone talks too loud!” she exclaimed.  And later –

“Seriously?!  I can hear myself breathing!”

Funny girl!  Now you know what the rest of us have been listening to all this time.

Thank God she’s alright.


2 thoughts on “Ears to Hear

  1. Glad to hear all went well. I remember that “limp noodle child” that feels like a hundred pounds and flops all over. My kids all came out of anesthesia the same way. 🙂 Ruby is adorable and I love her insight!


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