Puny Power

I felt nothing like this.  At. All.

I felt nothing like this. At. All.

Yesterday, I spent most of the day on the couch.  I felt awful.  Sore throat, incredibly worn out and emotional.  I know I was emotional because nobody cries while watching Men in Black 3.  Except me.  That was my cue to take the day off.  I was feeling, in the words of a good friend, puny.

Which is why I didn’t write yesterday or do much of anything.  I even missed my writers group.  That hurt the most.  I love those guys.

It’s one thing to feel physically ill.  It’s quite another to be discouraged, too.  And I got that, also!  Awesome.

I watched old movies starring Joan Crawford – always uplifting – and Kim Novak.  Not together.  And not my friend Kim Novak.  The old 1950s movie star Kim Novak.

It took all my strength to get a shower.  Then I had to sit down.  At least I smelled like frosting afterwards.  Bonus!  I’m a human cupcake.

My back got cranky.  I need to be moving around.  You won’t like me when I don’t work out.  I know I don’t.

We have a lot going on this weekend.  In fact, it seems like we got invited to every possible event for tomorrow.  I was feeling a touch overwhelmed at making all the connections and getting it all done.  The only outings missing were a wedding and a funeral.  Possibly a bar mitzvah.


His mercies are new every morning.  Sometimes, you just need to sleep on it. Surrender, Dorothy! You need to let go of thinking about everything and worrying and just *be*. Today is much better. We won’t be able to do everything so we will prioritize and have fun doing it.   I still feel weak, but I’m going to take it minute by minute and lean on the everlasting arms.


2 thoughts on “Puny Power

  1. NanLeah says:

    So glad to hear you’re feeling better. Haven’t heard the term puny in a while. We missed you very much too!
    Be Well.


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