Washington Dreaming

It’s time.

Jonathon and I are in that season again.  Time to clear out the old and think of where we’re headed next.

Our house doesn't look like this.  Usually.
Our house doesn’t look like this. Usually.

We started out today by rearranging the living room.  Or rather, Jonathon and Ruby did, doing periodic large furniture lifting with Zac as cohort.  I had coffee with a friend (slacker!) and when I returned, the rebirth was in full swing.  He mocked it up last night, complete with graph paper to make it scale, and transferred to a 3-D computer program for people like me, who are spatially challenged.  Who are you calling a frustrated architect?!

For background:  our living room is shaped like a T-square.  I would say an “L” but I believe both sides are pretty equal in length.  Jonathon had been bugging me wanting to do it for years but I wasn’t into it.  I liked where the dining room table was, far away from the kitchen.  I could sit there with Lucky and type to my heart’s content in a room with little clutter to distract the eye.  It was quieter, too.  Currently, we’re on the lookout for a wee desk.

Now, our dining room table is right against the wall adjacent to the kitchen. It makes sense for serving food. He centered our black leather couch, a gift from my brother and sister-in-law, across from the gas fireplace.  The fireplace is the new focal point of the room.  We might even use it more!  We have ample seating in the room and it opens up the space nicely.  We could actually have a party or a group that meets regularly in our home.  More on that at a later date.

As Jonathon moved rugs and furniture around, he found Nerf darts, Legos, a dead baby mouse, and a wad of cat hair nearly smothering the air intake.  Gross!  The floors desperately needed mopping (which he did) and surfaces needed the ministrations of a  dust rag. The room looks amazing now, all of our donated and Craigslist furniture seems more…deliberate.

But there’s more.  I feel that God is asking us to move on to the next thing.  Our church is in a time of transition, with our worship pastors going out to plant a church in Oregon.  My brother and sister-in-law will take over as worship pastors.  My brother will take over as director of the childcare our church runs.  We will work with him on the worship stuff, along with a couple others.  I just feel like there’s even more.

Oh, and there is.  The shelter got their funding and we are set to break ground before May is out.  I have 2 meetings scheduled this week to go over CDBG procedures and figure out exactly what our role as subrecipient, and my part specifically, will be.  It’s getting exciting.

I’ve also decided to participate in this.

This is another “run at least 1 mile every day” deal, only this goes from Memorial Day to Independence Day. Anybody with me? I’ll be the one wearing clothes.   I started today, in the pouring rain.  I put on my old shoes from 2010 and got to it. Those are the shoes that helped me run 3 half marathons, back to back to back. I needed a little mojo.  My toes were soaked within seconds.  My legs took a few minutes.  I need to get back into it.  I would like to run a half marathon in the fall.  However, that means my back-hip-leg-foot combo has to be 100%.  I need to do some more research on that.  Lately, hitting mile 4 has been tough.  But I’m dreaming of more.  And for me, if I don’t pick a race, I won’t push myself enough.

Last but not least, I need to be writing more.  I’ve said that before but it’s coming to the forefront again.  I can’t dodge it anymore.

A little change is good.  Perspectives get altered when transition occurs.  You start to evaluate where you are and think about where you’ve been, where the old meets the new in a reconfigured combination.  The last 6 years for us have been the hardest ever, frankly.  Everything has been shaken – parenting, finances, our marriage, identities, all of it.  But some amazingly good things have come out of the struggles.  I hold onto those.  We are stronger because of what we learned and especially the show of God’s goodness and faithfulness.

So let the rain pour down.  Oh – the yard needs work, too.  We’ve gotten almost 2 inches in the last 10 days.  What will grow?  Let’s wait and see.


3 thoughts on “Washington Dreaming”

  1. leave it to you to make a bit of the sun shine on a dreary, wet day! I can’t seem to get motivated today, but feel a bit lifted and encouraged now, thanks Snow!
    PS – can’t wait to see thje new living room layout. Jonathon diagraming it on the computer…uh…probably a lot smarter than I would have been “put it there…no, that doesn’t look good, try there…” ha


    1. Haha! I know. That’s how I would have planned it too. But he’d been measuring things and pacing things off…Dead giveaway 😉


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