June Musings

So…just a little updating here.

I have been running at least a mile every day.  My running calendar reminds me of a beaded necklace.  One mile, three miles, five miles, one mile, two miles…Some of the” beads” are bigger than others and the larger mileage days represent those.  Some are the connector beads; those are the one-miler days.  I don’t make jewelry (and you don’t want me to!) but I have jewelry-making friends and relatives.  Does that count?

Heck, I’m just happy to be able to run at all.  It’s so great that it’s warm enough – temps in the high 40s to high 60s, max, every day – and mostly dry. Yes, I am stretching as much as I can. I still have footstrike trouble, but I hope to remedy that later this month.

Jonathon is finishing up his dissertation in June.  He needs final approval by June 24.  And then…ta da! He can walk the plank the stage for graduation August 8 in Minneapolis.  Huzzah!  We’re gonna have a doctor in the house.

The kids only have 8.5 days of school left.  Zac is looking forward to his 8th grade class trip to Washington D.C., which happens the day after school is out.  He is a budding history enthusiast.  Takes after his grandpa.  Ruby is looking forward to being a second grader.  Currently, she has a pet caterpillar named Verde.  She also made a birdhouse out of an empty paper towel roll.  Don’t ask.

Good news – the construction of the shelter/office and apartment starts this week.  Groundbreaking ceremony will be next week.  I have been tasked with reviewing the CDBG notebook again, compiling a log of all the “musts” and “shoulds” to make sure we have everything covered when our first audit occurs.  And friends, we *will* be audited, probably more than once.  It’s in the regs, dude.  Our unique blend of federal and state funding make us a prime target, anyway.  I have had to be a better steward of my time in order to complete household tasks and write and have time to draft the audit list.

The cats are well.  Since the living room got rearranged, they have multiple perches where they can gaze out the window.  Our midnight-colored felines mew lustily at the birds, who are mocking them just beyond the curtains and glass pane.

It’s a lovely spring. So many flowers are in bloom – peonies, irises, azaleas, rhododendrons, lavender, daisies, petunias…We have a few very green, very small strawberries.  We might even have a little berry crop soon if the deer don’t chomp them first. I love how the earth knows the seasons even if the sky doesn’t. The air smells amazing. It is June, after all.


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