I Should Be Blogging

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Is there a bumper sticker for that?  Cause I need it!

I am feeling uninspired today.  I did errands.  I even paid bills.  I ran and did kettlebells (not at the same time).  Oy, that would be a workout! I shouldn’t give our instructor any ideas.

I started to write about Zac’s last concert of the year, but it got too snarky.  Nobody needed to read that unedifying post. Suffice it to say his group performed well.  Yes, they did perform a snippet of Jupiter.  Then I thought about writing about Ruby’s pet caterpillar Verde taking a permanent nap.  But that’s a downer, too.  She’s learning the hard way that wild things don’t like – and sometimes can’t handle – being cooped up.

I could write about Jonathon staying home to finish his dissertation, the first draft of which is due Sunday night.  Finally!  But I am not involved in that at all, other than being around to hear his random insights, progress reports, and provide necessary sustenance when he meanders downstairs.  If fact, I am not allowed to be involved.  This way, all the ideas and material are his.  I can help edit it once it’s submitted.  Huzzah!  I said okay but he told me he has no way to pay me. It’ll be in the neighborhood of 150 pages.  So forget it!

I might mention somebody who has known me for a couple of years couldn’t believe we’re about to celebrate our 21st anniversary.  Her jaw almost dropped.

“How old are you?  I thought you were in your 30s”, she said, incredulously.

Not too shabby, considering I was sans makeup and my hair simply… was.

I told her I was a child bride. Hey! It could happen.

Alright.  When in doubt, stick to a safe topic, like the weather.  The clouds scud quickly across the sky today, pushed by strong gusts of wind.  The sunlight and shadow patterns constantly change.  It is much cooler than yesterday.  The trees move restlessly in the breeze.  Even the birds are quieter.  The cats embrace this and snooze, cozy and contented, in the living room, catching up on their beauty rest and probably dreaming of said birds.

I am restless today, too.  I don’t think of myself as a wild thing, but today I am wondering if I am too cooped up, somehow.


4 thoughts on “I Should Be Blogging”

  1. I live in the Southwest, so your weather discussions are actually interesting to me! 😉

    What’s the dissertation on? A hundred and fifty pages is long, but I’m an editor, so I wouldn’t necessarily say no …

    Congratulations on 21 years! God is good! 🙂


    1. Hi Nalani! Welcome 🙂 The dissertation is on collective efficacy. Yeah. And it just got approved 🙂 Thanks, God is good! Hallelujah!


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