Wayward at Wild Waves

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You are here.

I wasn’t going to blog about this, but I couldn’t resist.

Today, my sister-in-law and I took our kids up to Wild Waves.  For those of you not in the know, it’s the only water park on the west coast.  Okay, not true. The only water park in Washington.  It’s near Seattle, just past Tacoma, in a little burg called Milton.  Heard of it?  No?  Eh.  Nobody has.  Anyway, my husband and her husband and another guy facilitate a jr high/high school music festival every June and the awards ceremonies – two consecutive Saturdays – are at Wild Waves. Kids from all over roam the park and goof off after they compete.

Our perk?   We get free tickets.  This year, since it wasn’t raining/misting/foggy/freezing, we went.  June in the Northwest is about as even-tempered as a woman deprived of chocolate.

We caravaned up there, tooling up I-5.  I had never driven up there on my own before, but we found it!  We parked and entered the park.  It took a while to get all sorted out, there being so many of us and the children outnumbering us and all.  After applying sunscreen and bathroom breaks, we were off.  We decided to ride the dry side rides first, since it was still a little chilly (60 degrees) and sorta overcast.  The kids rode the merry-go-round first. I watched the baby.

We had a blast, riding some big kid rides like roller coasters and little kid rides like teacups.  There was even a ride with sports cars that I was *too* tall for.  Huzzah!  Pretty cool.  All the kids, even the almost-2-year-old, rode in one car.  Foreshadowing?

We ate lunch and went on a water ride to get us ready to transition to the other side – the wet side.  Despite my niece’s patient reminders, I wore my sunglasses on top of my head.  And they promptly fell into the drink.  They’re somewhere in the bottom of the Lumberjack Falls ride.  I also saw some spare change down there.  Shoulda made a wish.

We parted ways for a few after that.  I managed to sneak off to the restroom alone.  I should also mention, without my phone.  And then, when I came out and hunted up the family, they were nowhere.  I cruised to the Jeep ride.  Not there.  I scoured the Kiddie Coaster and the kangaroo ride.  Nope.  Stumped, I kept walking.  I walked all the way over to the wet side because our master plan was to hit the wave pool next. It was packed, but with nobody related to me. Oh well.  It was kinda weird to be walking around alone.  I figured I might as well get all the way changed into my swimsuit while I was over there.

I charged back up the hills (Who designed this park anyway?  A mountaineer?) and checked out  every woman with a stroller. Probably looked a little stalkerish.  No luck. By this time, I had been gone about a half hour.  Finally, I spotted my sis standing on a grassy area, her two youngest with her.  She was talking to some friends of ours from church who happened to walk by.  They spotted me first.

“Hi,” I said sheepishly.  I felt like an idiot.  Probably nobody will let me out of their sight again.

“There you are!”  my sister-in-law exclaimed.  Concerned about recovering me, she had texted my brother about my MIA situation and flagged down Wild Waves security.

“I told them I lost an adult,” she said.  She gave them a description of what I was wearing.  So fat chance finding me!  I had altered my disguise.


Then she took off to change a full diaper and I was alone again.  The girls were all taking a boat ride together.

The security guard walked up, a  smiling young guy with both ears pierced.

“Did you find your person?” he inquired.

How to answer that? “Uh. Yeah.  It was me,” I replied.  “I lost my people!”

He laughed.  I wonder how often they lose adults.  Never?

“Have a good day!” he said, and walked off.

That wasn’t too embarrassing.  I have a feeling I won’t be living this down anytime soon.


4 thoughts on “Wayward at Wild Waves”

  1. I once had a vice principal that would get lost in the sea of junior high kids in the lunchroom because she was so short. Someone made a hat for her with a big flag sticking out of the top so you could always know where she was in a crowd. She looked like a single bumpercar with their poles sticking up tot he ceiling to catch electricity. Might be a good idea for next time. WAY better than a leash, I think…


  2. I couldn’t help giggling when I read this … In your defense, there’s something to be said for actually having FOUND your peeps WITHOUT the use of a cell phone. Just sayin’! 🙂


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