Fly Away

I like this bird.
I like this bird.

The last day of school finally arrived. They each had a 90-minute school day. Hurray!  Both kids are home now, for the summer.  Zac is done with 8th grade and Ruby with first.  Zac will be a high schooler next year, though still at the same school.


Zac turns right around and flies out to Washington, D.C. tomorrow morning.  He will be gone for 4 days.  We spent the time right after school buying him new shoes and a couple of short-sleeved T-shirts.  Turns out he had very few that fit.  “Too much arm showing, Mom!”  Alrighty.  Never mind the long-sleeved shirts you’ve been wearing since 6th grade…

This is a very full weekend, full of celebrations.  School’s out (for summer…), Father’s Day, going out with friends.  Yes, we have friends.  I hear you snickering!

Summer vacation stretches before us, long and languid, like a cat sunning itself.  We are filled with contentment because one phase is done and we look forward with anticipation to the next.  Ruby has an art camp at the end of the summer.  Jonathon and I will be flying to Minnesota in August.  And in the meanwhile, we will sip the pleasures of the season.  Summer is my favorite season.  It’s a riot of color and flowers and sunshine.  Well, at least the first two out here.  Sunshine can be iffy but is always appreciated.  It’s much like exact change in that regard.

As for right now, Zac plays on the computer, skyping with his friends.  They discuss strategy and God apples.   I have no idea what those are.  How many varieties do they come in? Ruby is in her room giggling during an extended quiet time.  She’s using her phone to make funny videos, narrating made-up story lines.  Rex naps luxuriously on his favorite chair.  Chloe does similarly in a different room.

Thank God we were once an agrarian society, scheduling school years with harvest season months off.  I can’t imagine going to school all year round.  When the sun comes out here, people get a little crazy.

It’s cloudy and cool  but it puts no damper on our joy.  The possibilities seem limitless as the bluest sky.  We’re all feeling a little giddy.  I know there will be days when we all wish we were back on the more structured path. We might even wish for some blessed time apart. But not today!


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