Sight, Revisited

eye doctor

So, I’m cheating a little bit today.  I looked through some old notes I posted on Facebook and found this from August 5, 2009.  This was when I was between blogs.  As I reread it today, I’m reminded that I need new contacts.  Again.  Hopefully, I won’t have to lose one first.


I wear contact lenses. I got glasses when I was 9, after a visiting eye doctor discovered during a routine school eye exam that my eyesight was atrocious. Carter, my brother, would point up at the sky at birds or planes and I would nod woodenly…at nothing. I faked it through school, sitting in the front row, squinting at the board and paying attention.  The squinting is what got my 3rd grade teacher’s attention.

Then, the glasses.

Hated them. HATED them. As a child of the 1970s, the lenses were pop-bottle thickness, ugly and unwieldy. They barely fit in the frame, which was a lovely goldish wire. Yeah, I could see. But I felt ugly and sorta singled out. Never mind that myopia runs in the family, both sides. It was my personal curse.

I graduated to soft contacts at 13. I didn’t like them. They turned inside out and were big. I always got something under them. I couldn’t get used to the act of deliberately putting something in my eye.

Fast forward to this morning. I put one lens in. I opened the lid covering the vial of my left lens. Nothing. As in…nothing. There was just solution in the holder but no little plastic disk of joy.

Having lost lenses before (as any of my suitemates from Bethany can attest), I searched the sink area. I got down on the floor, closing my “bad” eye and letting my “good” eye do the looking. Nothing. I did notice I need to clean better, however. Eww! I even brought up a flashlight, ala CSI. Nothing.

The last time I got new contacts was 2001. I think. I knew it was probably okay to get a new one – or two – but I hated to spend the money. I have rigid gas permeables, and they’re not cheap. They act like a retainer for your eyes, basically holding your eye in shape so your prescription doesn’t worsen over time. I never wore my retainer much – too uncomfortable – but I could do the contact lens thing without even trying. It’s sorta like girdles for your eyes, without the itching.

I’m wearing my glasses and keeping a good attitude.

I went to the optometrist this afternoon. We chit chatted about stuff. He asked me how long I’d had my contacts before I lost this one.

“Eight years,” I replied.

He just looked at me.

“Do you want to look at the other one and see if my prescription changed?”

He continued to look at me.

“What? Do you think I need to get new ones? Two?”

He smiled.

“Yes, you’re getting new ones. You’re only supposed to keep them 2, 3 or 4 years tops. They start to get warped over time. If I looked at the lens under a microscope, it would be warped.”

I had to laugh. It explains so much! I look forward to my new lenses that let me see the world as it is, unwarped and perfect.  Well…as much as possible, for me.


2 thoughts on “Sight, Revisited”

  1. I wish I could still get away with contacts. But what I don’t miss is the getting stuff stuck in them, or cleaning them. Plus as I get older, I agree with something my mom told me; “wear glasses, they hide the bags under your eyes”


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