Every Day Joy

I had a serious case of the blahs today.  Cool, overcast morning filled with fragrant breezes.  Ho-hum.  A new day on the horizon with little planned in it.  Nifty.  I got up early to run but ended up falling back to sleep. Rex loved it, curled as a heavy half-moon on my stomach, but I felt like a bum.  D’oh!  I did get a run in.  I did very short out-and-backs with Ruby in a sort of extended relay.  I would return every 5 minutes, grab a drink and tag Ruby’s hand.  She sat in the carport like a boss, eating yogurt with blueberries and listening to music.

“Did you get a drink?” she would query, making sure I was on the righteous path.

Despite sweating profusely and doing more hills than I wanted to, I was still a little stern.

I was slated to watch my sister-in-law’s kids while she went to the dentist today.  So, all together that makes 6 kids.  Woo!  I love my nieces and nephews, but my attitude, based on my crabby kids and crabby me did not bode well for our sojourn.

The sky cleared off into a breezy, bright July day.  I watched Eliot and Isaac do laps around the table on the patio, Eliot on the “big boy bike”, Isaac puttering along Fred Flintsone-style on the Big Wheel.  Joy informed me she knows how to ride a bike now, after which she and I played tennis with a small Nerf soccer ball.  Grace and I talked Kit Kittredge as she listened to the audio book.  I helped Olivia get started on some glitter art.  And Eliot’s dinosaur costume was *right* in his bed, where he left it!


At about noon, my brother came home for lunch.  We gnoshed bagel sandwiches in the sunny backyard, Isaac sneaking sips out of everyone’s cups.  Olivia demonstrated her fold-up sunglasses.  Grace tried on my shoes.  My brother and I discussed old friends and summers past.  Ruby’s stuffed mechanical dog was a huge hit.  It walks, it barks and sits!  Joy showed me the artichoke blossom, which I guess is what happens when you don’t pick the artichoke.

artichoke flower

I realized something.  I don’t want to waste a single day being grumpy. Something beautiful can come out of the thorniest things.  Oh sure, with 6 kids aged 10 and under in the same house, squabbles are inevitable.  But they don’t have to ruin your day.  I learned from these kids in a gorgeous afternoon.  You can teach an old dog new tricks!  It is possible to find joy every day.



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